Discover the Top Summer Working Holiday Jobs in Canada

Ever dreamt of spending a summer exploring Canada's breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and friendly culture? Combine that with valuable work experience through a working holiday program, and you've got an unforgettable adventure.

Canada's International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows young adults from qualifying countries to live, work, and travel across the country for up to 24 months. With its stunning summers, Canada becomes a playground for working holidaymakers. But with so many job options, where do you begin? Don't worry; we've got you covered.

This blog dives into Canada's top summer working holiday jobs, from mountain adventures to urban explorations. Buckle up and get ready to discover the perfect summer job for your Canadian working holiday.

Why Summer in Canada is Ideal for Kicking off Your Working Holiday

Start Your Summer Working Holiday in Canada | Discover the Top Summer Working Holiday Jobs in Canada

There are several reasons why summer is the ideal time to kick off your working holiday in Canada.

Pleasant Weather

Canada transforms into a playground during the summer months. With warm temperatures, sunny skies, and longer days, you can maximize your enjoyment of outdoor activities and explore the country's stunning landscapes. Whether it's hiking in the mountains, kayaking on a lake, or simply relaxing on a beach, summer offers endless possibilities.

Job Opportunities Abound

The summer season brings a surge in tourism and economic activity across Canada. This translates to a wider variety of working holiday jobs available. Resorts, national parks, festivals, and hospitality businesses ramp up hiring to cater to the influx of visitors. You'll have a better chance of finding a job that aligns with your interests and skills.

Festival Season

Canada comes alive with vibrant festivals throughout the summer. From music festivals and cultural celebrations to food truck gatherings and sporting events, there's something for everyone. Working at a festival can be a fun and social experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local scene while earning some cash.

Adventure Activities

Summer unlocks a world of outdoor adventures in Canada. Hiking trails are clear and accessible, lakes are perfect for swimming and kayaking, and national parks offer opportunities for camping, wildlife viewing, and whitewater rafting. With your summer job income, you can fuel these adventurous experiences and create lasting memories.

Travel Opportunities

With longer days and pleasant weather, summer is the perfect time for exploring different regions of Canada. Take weekend trips to nearby cities, explore national parks further afield, or embark on a road trip across the country. Your working holiday becomes a true travel adventure during the summer months.

Meeting New People

Summer attracts travelers from all over the world to Canada. Working in a seasonal job or staying in shared accommodation increases your chances of meeting fellow travelers and locals. This can foster friendships, cultural exchange, and create a more social and enriching working holiday experience.

Learn more about where to stay on your Working holiday in Canada.

Mountain Resort Jobs

Canada's iconic mountain ranges offer a dream setting for summer employment. Picture yourself surrounded by majestic peaks, working in a vibrant resort community, and enjoying endless outdoor activities after your shift. Here are some popular options.

Ski Resort Staff

Many resorts offer summer positions in areas like guest services, housekeeping, food and beverage, or adventure activities. These jobs provide staff accommodation, allowing you to save on living expenses and maximize your playtime.

Campground Attendant

Immerse yourself in nature as a campground attendant. Duties may include managing reservations, collecting fees, assisting campers, and maintaining the grounds. This job offers a front-row seat to Canada's stunning wilderness.

Adventure Guide

If you're passionate about kayaking, hiking, or mountain biking, put your skills to use as an adventure guide. Lead tours, share your knowledge, and introduce visitors to Canada's natural wonders.

City Slicker Jobs

Canada's cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal offer a vibrant mix of culture, nightlife, and endless possibilities. Explore these urban centers while securing a summer job that fuels your city-slicker spirit.


Hotels, restaurants, and cafes are always buzzing during summer. Here's where you can land a job and truly experience the pulse of the city:

  • Server/Bartender:Hone your social skills and get a taste of the city's culinary scene by waiting tables or slinging drinks at a trendy bar or bustling restaurant.
  • Barista: Become a master of caffeine creation at a local coffee shop. Perfect your latte art and connect with customers who rely on their morning pick-me-up.
  • Concierge/Guest Services: Be the face of hospitality at a hotel, assisting guests with bookings, recommendations and ensuring their stay is unforgettable.
  • Event Staff: If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, consider event staffing. You'll be at the heart of the action, from high-end galas to bustling conferences.

Cultural Gems

Immerse yourself in the city's artistic and cultural offerings with these unique job options:

  • Museum/Gallery Attendant: Art lovers can greet visitors, answer questions, and share their passion for art or history at museums and galleries.
  • Tour Guide: Lead walking tours through historic districts, bustling neighborhoods, or vibrant art scenes. Share your knowledge and ignite visitors' curiosity about the city.
  • Street Performer: For the creative souls, explore opportunities as a street performer. Musicians, dancers, and artists can showcase their talents in designated areas, adding to the city's vibrant atmosphere (check local regulations beforehand).

Media and Entertainment

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the city's media and entertainment industries:

  • Production Assistant: Land, a summer job with a film production company, assisting with shoots, props, and logistics. You'll witness the magic of filmmaking firsthand.
  • Social Media Assistant: Put your digital marketing skills to use by assisting a local business or influencer with managing their social media presence. Stay on top of trends and learn the ropes of online marketing.
  • Event Photographer/Videographer: Capture the energy and excitement of summer events like festivals or concerts. Showcase your photography or videography skills and document the city's vibrant scene.

Unique Working Holiday Opportunities

Unique Work Opportunities | Discover the Top Summer Working Holiday Jobs in Canada

For the adventurous soul seeking an experience beyond the typical resort or city job, Canada offers a treasure trove of unique working holiday opportunities. Here's a glimpse into some unconventional paths you can take.

Working on a Ranch

Saddle up for an unforgettable adventure on a working ranch. Assist with cattle drives, learn horsemanship skills, and experience the true cowboy lifestyle.

Fishing Lodge

Become part of a close-knit community at a fishing lodge. Help prepare boats and equipment, guide guests on fishing expeditions, and learn about local fish species and sustainable fishing practices.

National Park Staff

Work alongside park rangers in Canada's breathtaking national parks. Assist with visitor information, trail maintenance, conservation projects, and educational programs. You'll be at the forefront of protecting Canada's natural wonders.

Working in a Vineyard or Winery

Immerse yourself in the world of winemaking by working at a vineyard or winery. Assist with grape harvesting, learn about the wine production process, and potentially even participate in wine tastings.

Working at a Sugar Shack

Experience a unique Canadian tradition by working at a sugar shack during maple syrup season. Learn about the process of tapping maple trees, boiling sap, and producing delicious maple syrup.

Working at a Remote Lodge

Escape the hustle and bustle by working at a remote lodge in the wilderness. Assist with guest accommodations, prepare meals, and help maintain the lodge facilities. This is a perfect opportunity to unplug and reconnect with nature.

Working at a Summer Camp for Adults

Summer camps aren't just for kids anymore! Participate in a camp focused on specific activities like music, art, or outdoor adventure. Assist with workshops, lead activities, and create a fun and engaging experience for fellow adults.

Work at a Summer Festival (Art, Music, Food)

Go behind the scenes of a vibrant summer festival. Assist with artist or vendor coordination, manage logistics, or contribute to the festival's creative atmosphere.

Work at a Summer Theatre

Immerse yourself in the world of theatre by working at a summer production company. Help with set construction, props management, or even ushering audiences. You'll be at the heart of the live entertainment scene.

Work on an Organic Farm

Contribute to sustainable agriculture practices by working on an organic farm. Learn about organic farming techniques, help with planting and harvesting, and gain a deeper appreciation for local food production.

Volunteer at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Care for injured or orphaned animals at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Assist with animal care, feeding, cleaning enclosures, and contribute to their well-being before they're released back into the wild.

Work on an Archaeological Dig

Unearth the past by working on an archaeological dig. Assist with site excavation, artifact processing, and contributing to a deeper understanding of Canada's history.

Finding Your Perfect Working Holiday Job

The possibilities for your Canadian working holiday are endless. Now that you're brimming with inspiration, let's look into the practical steps to secure your perfect summer job.

Visa Application

Obtaining your IEC Working Holiday visa is the first crucial step. Visit the official IEC website to understand eligibility requirements, application procedures, and processing timelines. Start this process well in advance to avoid delays.

Research & Prioritize

Leverage the internet to research potential employers and job opportunities in your desired location(s). Consider factors like job type, location, accommodation options, and salary range. Prioritize options that align with your interests, skills, and budget.

Check Out Job Boards

Explore online job boards like Job Bank and Indeed ( These platforms showcase a variety of working holiday opportunities across Canada, allowing you to directly apply for positions.

Working Holiday Organizations

Organizations like BUNAC ( and The Working Holiday Club ( specialize in working holiday experiences. They offer valuable resources like job placement assistance, visa application guidance, and pre-departure workshops. Consider their services for a more streamlined process.

Network & Build Connections

Connect with fellow working holiday makers and employers on social media platforms dedicated to IEC programs and working holidays in Canada. Search for groups on Facebook or join online forums to gain insights, share experiences, and potentially find job leads.

Hostel Connections

Hostels often act as hubs for working holidaymakers. Chat with fellow travelers and hostel staff - they might have valuable information about job openings or employers seeking seasonal staff.

Essential Tips for Your Working Holiday

Tips For Your Working Holiday | Discover the Top Summer Working Holiday Jobs in Canada

Planning a working holiday in Canada is an exciting adventure! To ensure you make the most of your experience, here are some essential tips to keep in mind.

Plan in Advance

Don't wait until the last minute. Research job opportunities, accommodation options, and visa requirements well before departure. This allows you to secure a job that aligns with your interests, find suitable housing, and avoid visa application delays.

Budget Wisely

Create a realistic budget that factors in living expenses (rent, food, transportation), travel costs (exploring different regions), and potential work-related expenses (uniforms, equipment rentals).

Open a Canadian Bank Account

A Canadian bank account simplifies receiving your salary and managing your finances during your stay. Avoid unnecessary fees associated with international transactions by opening a local bank account.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

Go beyond the tourist experience. Attend local festivals, cheer on a sports team, or volunteer at a community event. Embrace Canadian culture by trying new foods, learning a few basic French phrases (especially if working in Quebec), and participating in local traditions.

Travel Like a Local

Don't just stick to the well-trodden tourist path. Use your weekends and breaks to explore different regions. Take advantage of Canada's well-developed public transportation system or rent a bike to explore hidden gems within your city.

Network with Fellow Travelers

Connect with fellow working holidaymakers! Hostels, social media groups, and local meetups are great places to meet new people, share experiences, and potentially find travel buddies for weekend adventures. Networking can also lead to job recommendations or even shared living arrangements.


How Old Do I Have to Be to Take Part in the International Experience Canada?

The IEC program is open to candidates aged 18 to 35.

What Are my Rights as a Foreign worker in Canada?

As a foreign worker in Canada, you will be protected by Canadian labor laws.

Your employer will have to:

  • Pay you the minimum wage for your work
  • Provide a safe work space
  • Refrain from taking your travel and work documents away from you