Jobs In Canada: Toyota To Invest $1.1 Billion In Ontario

Toyota’s Latest Investment to Create 450 New Jobs in Canada

Japanese giant automaker, Toyota recently announced its plans to invest $1.4 billion towards its Canadian operations in Ontario. The announcement, made alongside Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, goes on to say that about 450 new jobs will be created thanks to the investment. 

The investment aims to make use of Canada’s impressive manufacturing industry and manpower. Toyota will place particular focus on the manufacturing of the traditional and Hybrid RAV4 Sports Utility Vehicle.

The announcement was made at the company’s Cambridge plant in Ontario. During the announcement, Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne confirmed that the plant will get a makeover and expansion to manage the expected workload. The expansions will take place at the Toyota Woodstock plant with the support of $110,000,000 from both the federal and provincial governments. 

According to these new plans, the two Toyota plants situated west of Toronto will now be employing 8,000 people and producing more than 600,000 vehicles annually.

The investment will see Ontario maintain its reputation as one of Canada’s most economically advanced provinces. Immigration will play a very critical role in providing human resources to fill these upcoming labor positions. This is great news for prospective, skilled immigrants looking for jobs in Canada.

At the announcement’s press briefing Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada President Fred Volf said, “ We’re aggressively adopting new technology and innovative processes to ensure our ongoing successes.” He was referring to the fact that Toyota will build new RAV4s and Hybrid vehicles that are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. With this investment, Canada will now become the biggest producer of Hybrid Toyota vehicles in North America.

The auto industry is currently at the heart of the economy in Ontario and with the new plans, it will reach greater levels. This economic investment will see returns in better living standards, good healthcare, and educational facilities for the population of Ontario.

Toyota is also planning to invest in research and development in various areas in Canada over the next 10 years. The investment will create another 1,000 jobs in Canada, specifically in Ontario.  

High Demand for Skilled Workers In Canada

Are you new to Canada, or thinking of migrating here for a job? You should know that employers here are looking for skilled workers. At the moment, the shortage of skilled workers in key industries in Canada is reaching critical levels. The difficulty in finding workers such as welders, tool and die, makers, machinists, construction workers, electricians, bricklayers, long-haul truck drivers, has long been a problem for industrial companies.

The Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance recently made a survey where it was revealed that almost 41% of employers are looking to hire more people if they possess the right skills. For this reason, the Canadian government has been active in creating immigration programs that aim to attract foreign skilled workers.

Welding jobs in Canada

The biggest cause of the skilled worker shortages in Canada has to do with a drastically aging population. According to Statistics Canada, from 2010 to 2063, the seniors’ share of Canada’s population will increase from 15% to more than 25%. This means the number of Canadians working compared to those in retirement will decrease significantly.

So far in the first half of 2018, the economy has vastly increased the number of jobs in Canada to record levels. The smooth running of the economy has seen the unemployment rate drop to 5.7%, adding up to 15,400 jobs.

The unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level in more than 40 years as Canada is producing jobs at a pace not seen since 2002. The drop in unemployment rates to the present 5.7% is the lowest mark since 1976 according to Statistics Canada.

Immigration is seen as the perfect solution to this problem. For this reason, Canada is steadily welcoming more and more immigrants to their land of opportunity.

Skilled worker truck driver

If you have the skills and experience in any skilled worker occupations and are willing to live and work in Canada, there is no better time to find jobs in Canada than now. There are many methods to apply for a Canadian work visa, i.e Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), etc.   

Are you a skilled worker looking for jobs in Canada? Now is your time. The Toyota investment is one of many recent examples of job creation strategies in the country. 

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