Top 20 Jobs in Canada for 2021

Looking to make a significant career move by getting a new job in Canada? Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned trade worker, Canada’s job market caters to all types of workers, especially during 2021 when the country is in economic recovery due to COVID-19. The shift to remote work and increased digitization is driving positive trends in many sectors.   

Canada plans to welcome over 400, 000 newcomers in 2021 to boost the Canadian economy. Canada’s immigration minister, Marco Mendicino believes that immigrants fill important in-demand jobs and some creative and innovative newcomers even create jobs by starting businesses in the country.

As we look at the best job opportunities in Canada for this new year, the prognosis is good for most sectors. If you have a specialized skill set, good English or French language abilities, and are motivated, there’s a job for you in our great country. Find out more details about the top 20 jobs in Canada for 2021, salaries, and visa options below.     

Top 20 Jobs in Canada With Salaries in 2021

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There is no denying that the pandemic has slowed some sectors and fueled others. For example, administrative assistant positions have surged within companies that are specifically busier due to COVID-19, such as legal firms, HR, as well as health and safety departments. Drivers of all kinds were in high demand in Canada well before the pandemic and it’s expected that this trend will only accelerate due to an increasing number of online shoppers. The tourism and hospitality, travel and leisure, retail, import, and export, as well as oil industries in Canada, were harshly affected but these industries are expected to make a remarkable recovery as restrictions loosen through 2021 and the virus is brought under control. 

According to Randstad Canada, these are the top 15 best jobs in Canada right now and throughout 2021.  

Top 15 Jobs in Canada in 2021
OccupationAverage Annual Salary in CAD (Source: Neuvoo)
1.Administrative assistant$43, 875
2.Customer service representative$34, 125
3.Sales associate$37, 050
4.Driver$44, 234
5.Accounts payable and receivable clerk$34, 750
6.Registered nurse$80, 126
7.Project manager$90, 675
8.General laborer$31, 919
9.Welder$43, 875
10.Electric engineer$74, 997
11.Software developer$85, 600
12.Merchandiser$31, 346
13.Accountant$58, 500
14.HR manager$78, 975
15.Financial advisor$77, 739

5 Bonus In-Demand Careers in Canada

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There are some job skills that the Canadian Government priorities for immigration and visa purposes. Can you guess what they are? Even before the pandemic, Canada faced job shortages due to a rapidly aging population and an increasing trend that sees young Canadians relocate to urban areas throughout the country. Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are home to more than one-third of all Canadians. 

Canada has job-specific immigration pilots, streams, and programs for foreign nationals to move to the country and fill jobs in high demand occupations. In fact, 11 of the 13 Canadian provinces publish annual in-demand occupations lists as part of their Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs).  

Here are 5 of the most popular job-specific paths to immigrate to Canada:

Top 5 In-Demand Industries in Canada in 2021
Immigration ProgramType of Jobs Under the Program
1. Agri-Food Immigration PilotSpecific agriculture, livestock, and food processing workers.
2. Home Care Immigration Pilots Child and home caregivers, such as aides, au-pairs, and nannies.
3. British Columbia Tech PilotEligible tech workers such as mechanical engineers, database analysts, editors, and technical sales specialists.
4. Ontario Skilled Trades StreamEligible trade workers such as electricians, baker, and plumbers, etc.
5. Saskatchewan Hospitality ProgramHospitality workers, such as food and beverage servers, food accountant attendants, and housekeeping staff.

The best way to discover which of the over 100 immigration programs you qualify for in Canada is by completing a comprehensive eligibility assessment provided by a certified visa agency.

What are Canada’s Job Market Recovery Figures?

Canada’s unemployment rate fell from a record high of 13.7% in May 2020 to 8.5% in November 2020 and continues to drop as more sectors open up and the economy adds more jobs. Canada added 62,000 jobs in November 2020, which was the lowest job recovery rate since the pandemic started. According to Randstad, 7 in 10 employers in Canada plan to rehire laid-off employees once the crisis passes. With the high employment season here, January and February, economists are anticipating a significant increase in job opportunities.

Canada job marker recovery graph

Best Ways to Work in Canada in 2021? 

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You can work temporarily in Canada if you successfully obtain a work permit or you can apply for permanent residency (pr) and get a bridging work permit to start your job in Canada while you wait for your pr application to be processed. Get more details about each option to know what’s the best path for you!

Canadian Work Permit

Canada has two broad work permit categories designed for workers from overseas. They are the International Mobility Program (IMP) and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The program that you qualify for depends on the type of work you’ll be doing (skilled or unskilled) and the reason for wanting to work in Canada (company transfer or working holiday, for example). 

In 90% of the cases, you need a job in Canada before you can apply for a work permit. If you qualify for the TFWP, you will also need an LMIA-document from your employer.

Learn more: 6 Simple Steps to Apply for a Canadian Work Permit

Express Entry

If you’re looking to make your stay in Canada more permanent then you may opt to take the Express route to Canada. The Express Entry is Canada’s most popular and fastest immigration system that processes applications in as little as 6-months!

The Express Entry admission target is set at 108, 500 new residents in 2021. The best part about working in Canada through Express Entry is that you don’t need a job in Canada to be an eligible candidate. You do, however, need skilled work experience in a professional, managerial, or trade job.

Canada is one of few countries that continued to process immigration applications and a few visa applications during the pandemic. This year, the country will proceed full steam ahead because Canada believes that #immigrationmatters and is the key to boosting the economy and filling jobs in Canada in 2021. If you think you have what it takes to work in Canada, assess your eligibility today.