Jobs in Canada for 600 Teachers and 300 Support Staff

900 New Jobs in Canada added for the Education System. 

Since 2017, over 350 jobs in Canada for teachers have been created to deal with Alberta’s teacher shortage. Not to mention that an additional 150 support staff jobs were created to help manage children with learning disabilities.  

This year Alberta aims to improve its system even more. Not only has it said it will increase its education budget, but Canada also intends to improve its standards by creating an additional 600 teaching jobs in Canada in 2018. With the new budget of $393m comes the creation of six new schools and the improvement of an existing thirteen. 

According to a statement by Alberta Finance Minister, Joe Ceci, “these new schools are backstops to continue funding enrolment growth which will add 600 teachers and 300 new support workers to Alberta’s classrooms.”

Alberta aims to ensure that all schools are, “built quickly, built on budget and built to meet the needs of students, families, communities that will use them for many decades in the future,” David Eggen, Canadian Education Minister.

How Many New Schools Are Being Built in Alberta for 2018?

Six new schools are to be built with the new budget this year. Below is a simple table about the schools’ names, their location and what grades they will teach.

School Name Location Teaches Grades
École a la Découverte Alberta K-6
Heritage Valley Chapelle East Alberta K-9
Mahogany Elementary Calgary K-4
Evanston Elementary Calgary K-9
Skyview Ranch Elementary/Middle School……… Calgary K-9
South Lethbridge Public School Lethbridge…… K-5

Teaching Jobs in Canada for International Applicants

If you have ever wanted to work in Canada as a teacher, here are some of the things you should know.

How to Become a Teacher in Alberta

If you plan to become a teacher in Alberta you should know about the IPC. 

IPC or Interim Professional Certification is needed if you want to teach in Alberta for the first time. This is needed for the first two years of your teaching career in Canada. Please note that this does not cover part-time work as a teacher, it only counts if you are a full-time employee. 

After those two years, you can then apply for a PPC or Permanent Professional Certification.

Minimum Requirements to Qualify for an IPC

  • You have graduated from university;
  • You have a recognized degree that has a pre-service preparation program from the minister of Education;
  • You have a minimum of 1 and ⅗ years of professional education courses during your degree; and
  • You have a minimum of 10 weeks of supervised student teaching at either elementary or secondary levels

Please note that if you want to qualify as an Elementary school teacher or a secondary school teacher you must meet additional requirements. You can find these on the Alberta Education website

How Much Do Teachers Earn in Alberta?

How much can you earn when teaching in Canada? Salaries can range from $53,632 to $58,500 per year for first-year Primary/Elementary teachers.

However, a report by the BC government showed that Alberta is one of the top 4 best-paid provinces to work as a teacher. Here salaries range from the lowest $61,489 to up to $99,119 a year. 

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