Major Job Industries in Quebec

Quebec is one of Canada’s most thriving provinces. Situated in the heart of Canada’s French capital Montreal, Quebec is diversified and post-industrial with a large potential for growth. With an economy that represents 19.65% of the total GDP of Canada, Quebec is the ideal place to consider looking for employment because of its booming economy and decreasing workforce.

Key industries in this province include:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Tourism
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Forestry


The St. Lawrence River Valley is Quebec's most prolific agricultural area. The combination of the rich and arable soil and the moderate climate make this land a goldmine for agriculture to thrive. Producing the world’s largest quantity of maple syrup along with other staples such as fruit, vegetables and dairy, Quebec’s agricultural industry is one of the most in-demand in the country.


Another area which provides a key industry in Canada is the Ungava Bay region which produces valuable iron ore reserves. According to Wikipedia, approximately 30 minerals are mined, with the most important being iron, gold, nickel, titanium, niobium, zinc, copper, silver and stone. With a total of 27 mines in the Quebec province alone, the value of mineral shipments is estimated to be about $6.8 billion. The mining industry accounts for 15,000 direct jobs and investment exceeding $2 billion.


Like the rest of Canada, the amount of tourists visiting Quebec increases annually. Aptly dubbed “La Belle Province” which translates to ‘the beautiful province,’ Quebec’s tourism industry is on the rise. Astonishingly, nearly 30,000 businesses are related to this industry, which comprises of jobs in hospitality, transportation and maintenance.


Hydro-Quebec is notably the world’s largest hydro-electricity producer and employs more than 40,000 people. This government-owned initiative is on the forefront of hydroelectric energy production and has done active research in energy-related fields and energy conservation. In doing so, Hydro-Québec has a virtual monopoly on the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Quebec.


Once again referring to the St. Lawrence River Valley’s rich terrain, the forestry industry is widespread with coniferous forests, lakes, and rivers. As a result of the abundance in these resources, the pulp, paper, and lumber industries generate an annual shipment valued at more than $18 billion.

With so many thriving industries, it isn't any wonder that many immigrants consider Canada as a land of vast opportunity and Quebec the ideal place to settle in Canada.