Most Popular Jobs in Canada for Newcomers

Thousands of people across the world immigrate to Canada every year. But where do they end up working? Which career paths do they pursue? What are the most common jobs in Canada for newcomers?

According to a 2017 Statscan Report, immigrants in Canada are more likely to work in accommodation and food services, followed by finance, transportation, and professional services, and less likely to work in public administration and educational services.

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Top 5 Most Popular Industries and Jobs in Canada for Newcomers

1. Accommodation and Food Services

Handsome waiter serving a group of girls

According to the report, the majority of immigrants in Canada (35%) work in accommodation and food services. This sector offers the most ‘survival’ or part-time jobs for many newcomers who are still finding their feet. For others, it’s a way to obtain Canadian work experience that opens doors to higher-paying jobs. The good news is that Canada’s minimum wage is around $14 per hour - enough to lead a comfortable life in the Great North.

Top 6 Jobs in Canada
OccupationAverage Salary in CAD (Source: Neuvoo)
Cooks$31, 200
Restaurant/Fast Food Manager$30, 000 - $42, 177
Hotel and Motel Managers$52, 250
Servers$29, 250
Bar Attendants & Baristas$27, 300
Housekeepers$31, 200

2. Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Leasing

Accountant working and talking to a client on the phone

The finance sector employs the second most (34%) immigrants in Canada and contributes greatly to Canada’s annual GDP. It’s where Canadians go to buy, save, borrow, invest and insure their assets. The most finance jobs in Canada can be found in Toronto with the fifth-highest employment rate in the world. Not to mention the generous salaries that come with jobs in this thriving sector.

Top 6 Jobs in Canada
OccupationAverage Salary in CAD (Source: Neuvoo)
Financial Managers$100, 000
Real Estate Brokers$57, 500
Insurance Sales Agents$80, 000
Tellers$34, 603
Insurance Underwriters$60, 000
Accountants$58, 466

3. Transportation and Warehousing

Woman working in a warehouse

There are various jobs in Canada that will be in-demand in a post-pandemic world and the transportation and warehousing sector contributes to many of them. The sector also boasts the third-largest number (33%) of immigrant workers in Canada. Trucking jobs have been some of the hardest to fill in Canada for the past five years. For this reason, the ICCRC has made it even easier for foreign truck drivers to work in Canada by prioritizing their work permit applications.

Top 6 Jobs in Canada
OccupationAverage Salary in CAD (Source: Neuvoo)
Long-Haul Truck Driver$50, 756
Delivery Driver$42, 900
Warehouse Manager$62, 500
Forklift Operator$35, 100
Logistics Coordinator$42, 800
Stock Controller$34, 125

4. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Technical service worker

The professional, scientific, and technical services industry relies less on equipment and materials and more on the skills and knowledge of its workers. It sells expertise, which is usually gained with a university or college education. Approximately, 32% of immigrants are employed in this well-paying industry and the majority of them immigrated to Canada through the Express Entry system for skilled workers.

If you want to work in Canada's professional sector it’s important to get your foreign qualifications or degrees accredited.

Top 6 Jobs in Canada
OccupationAverage Salary in CAD (Source: Neuvoo)
Land Surveyor$60, 655
Marketing Manager$55, 000
Food Scientist$75, 000
Engineers$86, 943
Graphic and Web Designers$67, 100
ICT Support Technicians$50, 038

5. Manufacturing

Tradesman working in manufacturing

The manufacturing industry in Canada accounts for 1.7 million full-time jobs across the country and about 527, 000 of these quality jobs are filled by immigrants. Manufacturing trade workers such as machinists and food processing laborers are highly sought after by Canadian employers. In fact, trade workers from overseas can immigrate to Canada in less than a year through the Federal Skilled Trade Worker Program (FSTP) that’s managed by the Express Entry system.

Top 6 Jobs in Canada
OccupationAverage Salary in CAD (Source: Neuvoo)
Machine Operator$33, 150
Assembler$31, 933
Warehouse Worker$31, 688
Food Processing Operators$29, 250
Quality Controller$36, 075
Welders, Cutters and Solderers$43, 875

Want to Work in Canada? Here Are 2 Ways to Do It!

Canada airplane takes to the sky

1) Immigrate to Canada

Whether you’re a skilled worker with higher education or an intermediate skilled worker with on-the-job experience - Canada caters to both. Immigration candidates are assessed according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of the federal government or a provincial government’s points system, depending on the program you qualify for.

Points are awarded for age, language ability, level of education, work experience, whether or not the candidate has a job offer, and certain adaptability factors.

Here are 3 broad immigration categories:

Popular Canadian Immigration Paths
Immigration CategoryWhere must you settle in Canada?Is a job offer required?Application processing times
Express Entry ImmigrationAnywhere, if you’re not a provincial nominee. No6-months
Provincial Nomination ProgramsIn the Canadian province that nominates youMost of the times+- 18 months
Atlantic Immigration PilotIn one of Canada’s four maritime provinces. Yes, from a designated employer in one of the provinces. 6-months

2) Get Employer Support

Work permits are more often than not issued to candidates with job offers in Canada which allows them to work in the country for a limited time and for a specific employer. There are various types of work-permit programs such as the Seasonal Agricultural Program or the IEC Working Holiday Visa.

A perk about working in Canada on a temporary basis is gaining significant work experience which greatly improves your chances of immigration success in the long run.

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