Top Jobs in Canada in a Post Pandemic World

Canada’s economy is fast healing from the COVID-19 knock it took along with the rest of the world this year. A whopping 419, 000 new jobs were added as the economy started opening in July. This number is expected to triple when Canada fully opens the economy and its borders.

You’ve probably heard discussions of a ‘new normal’ but what does that mean for you as a prospective Canadian worker? How will jobs in Canada change in a post-pandemic world?

Well, thousands of companies had to adapt and adopt new ways of doing business. The pandemic forced many brick-and-mortar stores to go fully digitalized and many unique positions have been created like temperature screeners and bylaw enforcement officers. Some occupations have never been more in-demand than today like delivery truck drivers to keep up with the significant increase in online shopping.

Canada had skills shortages in many industries across the country even before the pandemic. It’s safe to say that skilled workers from overseas will be more in-demand than ever. In fact, Canada never stopped accepting immigration applications from skilled foreign workers during the pandemic. Wondering where the best job opportunities are in post-pandemic Canada? Find out below!

Top Jobs in Canada in a Post-Pandemic World

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1. Top Health Occupations

Healthcare workers have been the number one essential workers during the pandemic. Many countries were forced to source healthcare workers from outside due to not having enough front-line staff to see to all of their patients. For this reason, ensuring that medical facilities are fully equipped with human resources, especially registered nurses and nurse orderlies, will be a high priority in Canada.

Less common jobs in Canada’s healthcare sector such as emergency service strategists and health policy managers will be on the rise as companies have to ensure the safety of their workers with new policies and procedures.

Top Health Occupations
Registered Nurses
Health Trust Managers
Health Policy Managers
Digital Health Analyst
Virologists and Researchers
Emergency Service Strategists

2. Top Supply and Demand Occupations

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A smooth-running and speedy supply of goods and materials are critical. Amazon recently announced they would be recruiting an additional 100,000 workers to improve on every touch-point of the supply chain; fulfillment, warehousing, transport, and delivery management.

Top Supply & Demand Occupations
Delivery Driver
Logistics Manager
Shipment Coordinator
Demand Planning Analyst
Distribution Centre Supervisor
Forklift Driver
Fulfillment Labourers
Warehouse Manager

3. Top Manufacturing Occupations

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The manufacturing industry will see a change for the better. During the international shutdown, the environment benefited from the reduction in pollution. This creates promising opportunities for green-businesses and eco-workers to capitalize on bringing new and environmentally friendly approaches to the manufacturing industry. In fact, the Canadian government offers various programs and initiatives to help sustainable business owners from overseas immigrate to Canada.

In addition, to create more national resilience there may well be a renewed focus on local production capability, and self-sustaining approaches like producing our own food, generating our own energy, and creating our own leisure activities. If you’re interested in learning more about eco-friendly alternatives to everyday life we recommend you watch Down to Earth on Netflix.

Top Manufacturing Occupations
Water Quality Technicians
Clean Car Engineers
Green Builders
Solar Cell Manufacturer
Urban Growers

4. Top Education Occupations

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Schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions had to rapidly transform the way learning and assessment take place. Remarkably, distance learning appears to be working well and may prompt a different approach to education altogether. Teachers may need to acquire a new set of skills and more collaborative education tools could be introduced in academic courses.

Top Education Occupations
Online Tutors
Educational Policy Analyst
Health Education Teacher
Education Social Worker

5. Top Digital & Technology Occupations

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There are some jobs in Canada that will skyrocket even more so than before and it comes as no surprise that these jobs are in the digital and technology industries. Without technology and communication channels, many businesses would have struggled to survive.Website developers, graphic designers, PPC professionals, SEO experts, and other marketing professionals will be highly sought after to assist in a new wave of digitalization.

What’s more, high skilled workers can get a work permit in as little as 2-weeks through the Global Talent Stream in Canada.

Top Digital & Technology Occupations
Cybersecurity Expert
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Scientist
Online Marketer
Graphic Designer
Content Writer
Marketing Manager
Social Media Administrator

Work in Post Pandemic Canada - How We Can Help You

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