Updates to Caregiver Program: 2 Brand New 5 Year Pilots Added!

The Live-in Caregiver visa was recently closed to applicants outside of Canada to make way for 2 brand new caregiver programs! This is an exciting opportunity for those in search of Canadian permanent residence as it opens up more opportunities to caregivers.

There are 2 new 5 year pilots that have been introduced, namely the Home Child Caregiver Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot. The exciting part about these programs is that they not only allow you to move to Canada on a temporary basis but your family can join you too!

You also don’t have to live in your employer’s home, which gives you the freedom to live where you want to.

Another great attribute is that you are only required to have 1 year of qualifying work experience as opposed to 2 years experience needed to qualify for the Live-in Caregiver program.

As a caregiver, you can earn up to $43,875 in Canada and if you qualify for permanent residence you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy benefits such as free public healthcare and education up until grade 12, to mention a few.

Interested in applying for a caregiver position in Canada? Click the link below to have your Canadian government approved evaluation done today or keep reading for more information on the 2 new pilots.

What Do I Need to Qualify For the New Caregiver Pilots?

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There are varying requirements for both Caregiver pilots regarding qualifying work experience and whether or not you have a job offer, which will determine whether or not you can apply for permanent residence or work on a temporary basis. If you have 24 months of work experience in Canada are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

The 2 new Caregiver pilots are:

  • The Home Child Care Provider Pilot; and
  • The Home Support Worker Pilot

The Home Child Care Provider Pilot (NOC4411)

A home child care provider is responsible for caring for children younger than 18 in their own home or the employer’s home. It is not required that you live in your employer’s home.

The Home Support Worker (NOC4412)

A home support worker cares for someone who needs help from the support worker either in their own home or that of the caregiver. You do not need to live in your employer’s home.

General Requirements for New Caregiver Pilots
  • A Valid passport or travel document

  • A valid full-time job offer

  • Are able to do the job (includes any past experience or training)

  • Meet the language level (Minimum of CLB5)

  • At least 1-yea Canadian post-secondary qualification or an Educational Credential Assessment if obtained outside Canada
  • Biometrics

  • Eligibility to apply for a work permit

  • Visit our blog here for more information on how to get a work permit in Canada.

    How We Can Help You Apply

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