The Top 5 Best towns in Canada for 2015

So you have decided to move to Canada with your family and you have no idea where to start looking for a new home. According to MoneySense magazine in Canada, they know the exact spots for you to set up roots. These towns and areas were picked according to their job opportunities, weather conditions, affordability and family-friendliness. The study went on to highlight the best cities for immigrants so we suggest you start packing your bags and consider these top 5 towns to begin your Canadian adventure.

Boucherville, Quebec

We suggest brushing up on your French skills if you want to move to the best place to live in Canada for 2015. Tucked away on the south shore of Montreal, this small town has not gained much recognition in the past, but is now said to be one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Only 12km from the metropolitan epicenter of Quebec, the town only has 40 000 residents who enjoy a community that is dedicated to art and sports. Most people cycle or walk to work, and why wouldn’t you when your town is this beautiful and serene? One of the best spots in the town is Parc Des Iles de Boucherville, a park that is made up of 5 small islands and plenty of opportunity to take relaxing walks along the many rivers.

Speaking to some of the residents, it is clear that this town is perfect for a safe family lifestyle with many reputable schools and top-quality healthcare facilities. Some of the residents may work far from home but would never trade their life in Boucherville.

Saanich, British Columbia

Spending your days taking in the beauty of the lakes and mountains in Saanich from your front door can actually become a reality. The population is made up of 17% immigrants and has a reputation of small town hospitality that keeps visitors coming back for more. The costs of living in Saanich are affordable with 1-bedroom units setting you back by only $1,133 per month. Saanich is focused on encouraging a healthy lifestyle among its residents, which is why there are so many outdoor recreational activities to get you out and about. With most people walking and cycling to work while spending their down-time hiking, jogging, playing rounds of golf and swimming, it is obvious that the town is succeeding in its attempts.

Delta, British Columbia

Delta should top your list for 2015, with an immigrant population of 27%. There are so many reasons why foreigners flock here every year, starting with the affordability of housing. Only half an hour outside Vancouver, residents can enjoy a small-town feel and larger homes with more space, but can also venture out to the big city when they need something a little different. The gentle landscapes offer the perfect setting for 7 golf courses, walks, cycling and exciting watersports. A sense of community can be felt in the town with many events and festivals celebrated in the streets.

Brossard, Quebec

Breath-taking and beautiful, Brossard is near the top of the list with a relatively low population of less than 100 000 people, of which 35% are immigrants. Accommodation is incredibly affordable with a 1-bedroom flat costing only $751 per month and jobs cropping up all the time with good salaries to support your lifestyle. The area has become well-known for its lavish homes and spectacular hotels, which offer so many more jobs in the hospitality sector. The Bell Sports Centre is located here, with hundreds of thousands of hungry ice hockey fans hitting the centre every year for the best entertainment on ice. The centre is also converted when some of the biggest international singers come to town, so we recommend checking this attraction out on your next visit.

Waterloo, Ontario

Not to be confused with the other famous Waterloo across the ocean, this small town is quiet, beautiful and safe. Families seem to love settling here, with many good schools, jobs and universities including The University of Waterloo which is ranked in the top 200 universities in the world. Immigrants are always welcome in Waterloo. In fact, 24% of the population are foreign and the unemployment rate is only estimated at 5%. The city is known as a technological hub, so if you have those types of skills, you may want to apply to Blackberry, Maplesoft or Sandvine, all of which have offices here.