Canadian Borders Remain Closed, But Immigration Open

Canada's borders will remain closed to international travelers at least until the end of July, and while the extended travel restrictions are set to expire at midnight on July 31st, it is likely that Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet will extend the restrictions beyond that date. This is based on the current quarantine requirement of a mandatory two week isolation period for immigrants who are currently arriving in Canada only being set to end on 31 August 2020.

You did just read correctly, while borders remain closed, some may still travel to Canada right now. Those who were approved for permanent residence in Canada prior to the commencement of the nationwide lockdown are allowed to make their way to Canada. These are exempt travelers, other exempt travelers include:

  • Canadian citizens;
  • Permanent residents;
  • Immediate family of permanent residents and citizens;
  • Temporary foreign workers; and
  • International students who’s study permits were approved before the commencement of the nationwide lockdown.

While these measures are not ideal, they have greatly contributed to flattening the curve here in Canada, as there are less than 200 cases a day being reported at present. Most importantly, the IRCC continues to process permanent residency applications, and given that the first Express Entry draw which included foreign based applicants just took place last week, it will only be a matter of time before Working Holiday Visa applications, tourist visas and international student visas resume processing. This is all to say, you should get your application in as soon as possible or risk finding yourself at the back of a very long queue. Find out if you are eligible for the any visa or immigration programs:

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