How to live longer in canada

There is always that question of how to live longer? Good diet and exercise are definitely things you always hear. But what about being able to prevent diseases and illnesses that cause early death?  

Do Canadian Really Live Longer?

A recent study by Annal of Internal Medicine showed that Canadians are living longer than their American neighbors by at least ten years.

The country has seen an increase in life expectancy of over 30 years in the last 100, which was reported by the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA).

The reason for this growth is really simple and one of the many reasons people live in Canada – Medicare their free healthcare system. 

How Much Does Canada Spend on Healthcare per Person?

On average, Canada spends around C$6,604 per person on healthcare each year, according to a report in 2017 by the Canadian Institute of Health Information. 

How Canada Has Helped People Live Longer

People like Erick Bauer, who are diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, are normally told that their lives will be shorter than that of their loved ones.

Erick was told he would live to 20 if he was lucky. Now happily married at 32 and with his first child on the way, Erick is still enjoying a healthy life, thanks to Medicare.

The system has helped cover his medication and treatment costs over the years. But Erick is also grateful towards the great staff from St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, who have helped him along the way. 

In general, it was found that Canadians living with this disease lived at least 10 years longer than U.S. residents. 

Not only that but in general Canada has a 34% lower mortality rate for severe diseases compared to the US. 

Treatment and prevention of chronic disease are a few of the main reasons why people live longer in Canada.   

More About Canada’s Healthcare System

man holding a waiting card number

The Myth About Waiting Times in Canada

A study by Health Canada showed that in Canada you can expect to:

  • Get a cat scan in less than two weeks on average;
  • See a specialist physician in less than four weeks on average; and
  • Have major surgery within four weeks on average

Wait times in Canada can vary between the provinces and territories, but Canada is very transparent when it comes to providing information about this.

Who does Medicare Cover?

Medicare covers most of the Canadian residents and citizens, as long as they apply for the Medical Health Card for the province they live in at the time.

It normally takes around 3 months to get health coverage in Canada, though it can vary depending on the province.

Medicare is not just for Canadians. Canada is one of the few countries with free healthcare for foreigners.

Thanks to the tax system in Canada, many have access to the country’s developed health system. Those who immigrate to Canada through Express Entry as a Skilled Trade worker are covered.

Who is not Covered

Some are not covered by Medicare, like Temporary Foreign Workers. Even certain International students may not be covered by Medicare, but this does depend on the province.  

How to live longer really depends on the choices you make in life. Want to have a fuller and longer life in Canada. See if you can when you sign up with us!