New Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot Launches

Are you looking for new job opportunities in Canada but prefer a slower, more intimate, and close-knit way of life? Ontario has just launched its new Regional Immigration Pilot to help skilled workers start a new life in Ontario’s smaller communities and get permanent residency in Canada. 

This new two-year pilot, which was launched earlier in June 2020, falls under the Employer Job Offer Category of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) and allows skilled foreign workers who have a full time, permanent job offer in one of the participating communities in Ontario, immigrate to Canada.

There are currently three participating communities under this pilot, namely:

  • Chatham-Kent;
  • Cornwall; and
  • Belleville and Quinte West

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How Can I Immigrate To Canada, Ontario through the New Regional Pilot?

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Immigrating to Canada through the new Regional Immigration Pilot is an easy 3 step process that can give you and your loved ones permanent residence in Canada.

Step 1: Find a Job

To qualify for this pilot you will need a job in one of the three participating communities. There are various job opportunities in each community, particularly for:

  • Registered nurses;
  • Physicians;
  • Physiotherapists;
  • Project managers;
  • Mechanics
  • Drivers;
  • Landscaping and general farm/greenhouse labourers
  • Personal support workers;
  • Food and beverage servers;
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Administration
  • Sales Consultants;
  • Cooks;
  • Warehouse workers;
  • Housekeepers; and
  • Accounting clerks.

Step 2: Choose Your Immigration Stream

There are three streams that you can apply under to qualify for this new pilot:

  • International Student Stream (currently not accepting applications);
  • In-demand Skills Stream - for those who have a job offer with a National Occupation Classification (NOC) C or D that is on the list of the in-demand jobs in Ontario; or
  • Foreign Worker Stream - or those who have a job offer with a National Occupation Classification (NOC) 0, A, or B(currently not accepting applications). 

Step 3: Start the Application Process

The application process to immigrate to Canada through the new regional immigration pilot is a 2-step process.

1. Submit your intake application form by email to the regional immigration offices in Ontario.

2. You will then be notified on how to submit your application through one of the qualifying streams under the OINP Employer Job Offer Category.

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But remember, there are only 150 available spots reserved under this pilot, so it's best to get started on the application process as soon as possible. 

Let Us Help You Find Your Pathway to Canada

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