Must See Wildlife Destinations When You Travel to Canada

Are you an animal lover looking for your next wildlife expedition? If it's extraordinary wildlife you’re after then Canada will deliver claws, hooves, and paws as you’ve never seen before! 

Canada is home to 70% of the world's last wilderness and the wildlife population is among the most diverse in the world - with its 46 national parks and 2 million lakes you won’t run out of places to see them when you travel to Canada. Even more, the Boreal Forest that covers 300 million hectares and stretches over half the country's landmass is the most untouched forest in existence today. Can you even begin to imagine what you’ll see?

A nature-packed holiday in Canada will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated. You’ll have amazing pictures to take home and incredible sights and sounds to remember forever.

Find out where the sweet spots are to encounter the fantastic beasts of Canada!

Must-See Wildlife in Canada

Canada’s diverse landscape that ranges from the Rocky Mountains, dense forest, glaziers to prairie fields is the natural habitat of the incredible wildlife that you can only see when you travel to Canada or nearby regions. Canadian wildlife ranges in size from the tiny pika to the largest deer, wild dog, and goose in the world! Here are some of the top wildlife to spot when you visit Canada. 

Must-See Wildlife in Canada


Nothing will amoose you more than seeing the largest member of the deer family aka Moose, up close and personal. These half-ton creatures are native to the Northern hemisphere, especially Alaska, Canada, and Europe. Be sure to travel to Canada during Springtime when the moose are most active and will be grazing out in the open around the parks. 

Gray Wolf

Canada is home to the second-largest gray wolf population in the world, aside from Russia. The majestic wild dog is the largest of its kind and is usually seen in packs - if you’re lucky, you’ll spot a pup! They are naturally shy animals but don’t worry, there are wolf-watching trips that can get you close enough to watch them play and take many pictures.

Giant Canadian Goose

If you’re a bird lover planning to travel to Canada, be sure to keep an eye in the sky for the Giant Canadian Goose - they are quite hard to miss seeing as they can weigh up to 9kg! Their blackheads and white chinstrap are distinguishing features. The geese migrate during Canadian winters, so the best time to spot them is during summertime.


What did the Buffalo say to his son when he went off to college? Bison
The giant Bison has a few natural predators, such as the grizzly bear and gray wolf. The best places to see these gentle giants in Canada are Wood Buffalo National Park, Elk Island National Park, or Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park. Be sure to stop for a bison burger or sloppy joe before, during, or after your trip - it’s a must-try! 


You absolutely can not travel to Canada without at least glimpsing its national animal - the hard-working beaver. Beavers are nocturnal creatures, so the best time to see them is at sunset or early morning. Keep an eye out near lakes for their little heads bobbing above water. 

Top 3 Popular Places to Spot Wildlife in Canada

Banff National Park

Top 3 Popular Places to Spot Wildlife in Canada

Ticket Price: $10 for adults and free of charge for youth

Location: Alberta and stretches west of Calgary

Banff National Park is one of the largest parks in the country and it can easily take you up to 5 days to do and see everything the park has to offer. Nature lovers travel to Canada especially to visit Banff and see the natural wonders like the Rocky Mountains and Louise Lake with its crystal clear water, and of course, the incredible wildlife that inhabits the area; grizzly bear, cougar, wolverine, elk, bighorn sheep, and moose, along with hundreds of bird species. There are plenty of activities to do in Banff, like hiking, canoeing, mountain climbing, picking, and horseback riding. 

Just remember to adhere to the rules of the park and keep a safe distance from wildlife:

  • 100 meters from bears (unless you are inside a vehicle);
  • 30 meters from all other large species;
  • 200 meters from a coyote, fox, or wolf dens. 

Just remember to adhere to the rules of the park and keep a safe distance from wildlife

Wapusk National Park

Wapusk National Park

Ticket Price: No entry fee, but it is strongly advised to use the services of licensed tour guides.

Location: Manitoba

Wapusk means ‘white bear’ and as you may have guessed by now, it’s home to the majestic polar bear. What makes this park so special is that it’s truly untouched wilderness and can not be accessed by car. 

To visit the park, you must travel to the closest towns, which are Churchill or Gilliam, and from there licensed operators will take you by boat, snowmobile, aircraft, or dog team on a guided tour through the park. You will be able to spot wild polar bears in their natural habitat and even glimpse the stunning Aurora lights at sunset. 

This is a special expedition for those who want to travel to Canada and experience nature as it is rarely seen.

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Ticket Price: $17 for adults and $12 for teens and seniors

Location: Ontario

The Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park is rated an impressive ⅘ on TripAdvisor! The park offers a full day of fun and exciting activities for those who travel to Canada with their family. You can schedule outdoor excursions, like hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, caving, and tree climbing.

But the highlight of your trip will definitely be the diverse wild cat species of the park, like the cougar, bobcat, snow leopard, and even some non-Canadian cats, like lions and tigers! If you get there before 1:30 you and the big cats are in for a treat because it'll be lunchtime and you’ll see them get fed - a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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