5 Wonders to Discover When You Travel to Canada

There is so much to discover when you travel to Canada. In fact, in order to fully see all the wonder and beauty Canada has to offer, you might have to visit more than once. The reasons to explore the country are nearly endless. Luckily, we have listed the top five wonders of the Great White North you need to experience on your next trip.

1. More Lakes Than the Rest of the World

Canada’s nature is truly mesmerizing. You can easily spend days in absolute awe of the vast crystal clear lakes found all over the country. One of the reasons is that there are just so many of them, 31,752 to be exact. Did you know that there are more lakes in Canada than the rest of the world combined?

What makes Canada’s lakes truly special is their sheer volume and diversity. Lake Superior, bordering Ontario, is the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area, spanning around 82,100 km². Lake Louise in Alberta is another famous tourist spot known for its crystal clear waters. The Spotted Lake in British Columbia is a strange site featuring deposits of water filled with minerals that give the lake a range of different colours.

Travel to Canada lakes

2. Canada Has the Largest Coastline in the World

Many people don’t associate Canada with pearly beaches, instead, their thoughts are filled with snow and freezing temperatures. It is time people realize that Canada has some of the most beautiful beaches around. Explore the country’s coastline, which is the largest in the world, for some exciting discoveries.

Skaha in British Columbia is a gorgeous, family-friendly beach. Here you will see crowds of people of all ages enjoying the summer sun playing volleyball, sunbathing, swimming and indulging in other summertime activities. Canada even has a singing beach in Prince Edward Island. The Singing Sands is made up of silica and quartz and when the wind blows over it a soft soothing sound fills your ears.

A visit to Canada’s maritime provinces is not to be missed. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador are all famous for their world-class seafood and their colourful, picture perfect towns.

Travel to Canada Coastline

3. 10% of the World’s Forests Are in Canada

Not only does Canada have the most lakes in the world, but, it also has 10% of the world’s forests. The Canadian outdoors is filled with evergreen trees as far as the eye can see. When you travel to Canada you must make sure to explore the woodlands, it will feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale. With a Canadian visitor visa, you can make your Canadian adventure come to life.

4. Canada’s National Parks Are Free for Kids

Families rejoice! As of 2018, Canada has made national parks free for kids under 18. This means you can explore the magical Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and many more as a family and it won’t make a dent in your travel budget.

Speaking of national parks, did you know Canada has over 40 of them? A total surface area of 328,198 km², which is 3.3% of the total area of the country, is dedicated to parks and the preservation of the country’s natural history.

Travel to Canada forests

5. Canada is bigger than the European Union

Believe it or not, but Canada is larger than the entire European Union! If you think Europe is a destination worth seeing, try Canada. Instead of hopping between countries, rather spend your vacation in the second largest country in the world.

Canada’s sure size make it an exciting travel destination, offering you endless opportunities for exploration. Apart from experiencing the world-renowned tourist destinations, you can also easily discover your own hidden gems that make the country special to you.

Getting there is simple enough, all you need is a visitor visa. We will help you get a visitor visa which will enable you travel to Canada for up to six months, leaving you with more than enough time to truly immerse yourself in Canada’s wonders.