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There are so many incredible towns and cities to set up your roots in Canada, but which are the most immigrant-friendly? Finding a new home can be stressful when you are planning your life from another country, which is why MoneySense Canada compiled a list of the best cities and towns to live in for immigrants. The results are based on cost of living, job opportunities and personal income as well as the weather conditions in each area.

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1. Saanich, British Columbia

Situated on Vancouver Island, Saanich is an area that is marked by rivers and an 18 mile coastline. The beautiful surroundings and affordable cost of living have established Saanich as the perfect place to set up the family. 17% of the city are immigrants and the unemployment rate is low at only 4%. With many schools in the area and the University of Victoria campus located here, residents have access to quality education and many options.

Most people living here walk, bike or take public transport to work and enjoy a low crime rate. An average home will cost around $587,243, but a 1-bedroom flat can set you back $1300.

2. Delta, British Columbia

Over 27% of the population of Delta in British Columbia are immigrants, cementing this small town in the top 5 places to live. Residents enjoy larger homes and more space, while managing to pay as little as $1030 rent for a 1-bedroom flat. Delta is located only 1 hour outside of Vancouver, which means that you have the opportunity to enjoy a lower cost of living while living near a thriving and exciting city.

Weather in Delta is mild, with winter bringing very little snow and summers hitting averages of around 16 degrees. Nature lovers can enjoy an abundance of wildlife and many opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

3. Brossard, Quebec

With one of the biggest populations of immigrants at 35%, Brossard is known to be a welcoming and diverse town. Rent for a 1-bedroom flat is incredibly reasonable at $750 and the booming hotel and restaurant industry has opened up many job opportunities in the hospitality sector.  French is one of the more commonly spoken languages, however, with a multicultural society, it is also common to hear English, Chinese and Spanish.

4. Waterloo, Ontario

24% of the population in Waterloo are immigrants, with many jobs opening up in the technological and service industries for foreigners. With the Blackberry headquarters located in the centre of town, the thriving area has become a popular location for tech-savvy immigrants and Canadians alike.

The average rent for a 1-bedroom flat sits at $1024, which is a reasonable cost for most residents. Quality education is expected at the many schools in the district, and the University of Waterloo is amongst the top institutions in the world. In fact, Waterloo has become a small university town with many colleges and services associated with the university.


Do these sound like interesting cities to live in? Apply today for your visa and you could be living in one of these incredible locations one day.






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