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Meet the Experts: Giovanni Mariella


Reviewed by Giovanni Mariella

Giovanni has had years of experience with immigration both in Canada and in his country of origin, bringing hundreds of hopeful applicants to a better life overseas. As an immigrant himself, Giovanni knows exactly why people are so desperate to move to Canada and knows exactly what to expect at every turn of the application process.

As a result, Giovanni provides realistic, clear advice to ensure applicants get through their application process as easily and effectively as possible. He makes it his mission to present applicants with realistic expectations and to understand and aid every aspect of their application as much as possible.

Giovanni knows the importance of understanding the situation of each and every applicant and will make a point of understanding your circumstances and utilizing them to get you the best results possible.

Giovanni knows exactly what the IRCC wants from you and knows what you need in order to craft the most accurate application. The combination of years of experience and several qualifications has given him an encyclopedic knowledge of the immigration process and a genuine understanding of both the IRCC and the applicant's position.

With Giovanni, you can be sure you get some of the most established and experienced support available, giving you the best possible chance of completing your journey to Canada.

Q&A with Giovanni Mariella

We spoke to Giovanni to get a greater understanding of his history with immigration, his relationship with Canada and his role as an RCIC.

What Was It That Initially Attracted You To Canada And What Made You Decide To Move There?

I felt a mix of sensations at the same time: freedom and security, opportunity equally available for everyone and magnificent nature.

Which Province Did You Decide To Settle In And What About That Province Made It Work Best For You?

I decided to come to BC because the weather was closer to my home country and I was attracted by the Pacific taste of life.

Under Which Program Did You Immigrate To Canada And What Did You Learn From That Process?

Federal Skilled Worker. I learned that sometimes the immigration process could get lengthier than expected and you have to be resilient and ready to give more information and documents for the process.

What Was The Biggest Challenge The Applicants You've Worked With Face When Trying To Immigrate To Canada And How Can It Be Avoided?

The biggest challenge for temporary status applicants is to prove their ties to the country of origin, prove they are bonafide applicants and write a good statement of purpose that explains in a few important pages the Canadian choice to the evaluation officer.

The biggest challenge for permanent resident applicants is to let them understand that an invitation to apply is not already the permanent residence status and they need to deliver, in 60 days, important supporting documents that are necessary to submit a complete application, and prove to the Canadian Government your actual possibility to fulfill the requirements to become a permanent resident of Canada.

What Was The Biggest Difference Between Outsiders' Perception Of Life In Canada And What Life Is Really Like There?

Sometimes I felt that people do not understand that changing country could mean a complete re-start in many things of everyday life. Being ready to begin again very important things from the scratch will be helpful to get a correct perception of the change.

How Does One Become An RCIC? What Qualifications/ Certifications Do You Need?

To become an RCIC, you need to have the following qualifications:

  • Have a post-secondary degree at least equal to a bachelor's degree.
  • Complete the Graduate Diploma Program
  • Be a PR or citizen of Canada
  • Meet the English or French language requirements
  • Be a lawful citizen with no criminal record. You must comply with the code of conduct and professional ethics.
  • Pass the College Entry to Practice exam
  • Pay your annual membership fees and follow the college's other requirements.

Why Did You Become An RCIC And How Do You Feel It Benefits Potential Immigrants The Most?

I became an RCIC because I come from a similar work experience in my home country and I love helping people to achieve their dreams.

How Many People Have You Helped Get Visas/ Permanent Residency/ Citizenship To Canada (A Ballpark Figure Is Fine) And What Have You Learnt From Helping Others With Their Journey To Canada?

About one hundred people including the ones I helped in the MDC office.

I learned that each person has a specific written life history as well as a specific project to write. To be a good RCIC, empathy is necessary, not only useful.

As An RCIC, You Have The Ability To Liaise With Canadian Immigration Authorities On Behalf Of Clients. What Does This Entail And How Do You Feel This Benefits Your Clients?

The benefit for my clients is that they will know what expectations the IRCC has when submitting an application. Even if the application result is refused, there would be no red flag for them in their file and in their future applications.

Because we, as regulated professionals, make our clients aware of the consequences of misrepresentation or making mistakes that may result in refusal because of misrepresentation.

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Looking To Immigrate To Canada But Has Absolutely No Idea Of Where To Start?

My advice is that it is worth it if they use the help of an authorized paid representative. The consultancy is about a complex project and not only a specific program to analyze.

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