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Updated: February 2nd, 2020

Scenic. Relaxed. Family Oriented. Manitoba is home to 1,2 million Canadian citizens and lucky Canadian permanent residents who successfully completed Canadian Immigration through the many immigration streams available to you.

Manitoba is a top destination for Canadian Immigration because the province offers you plenty job opportunities, diverse and natural beauty, safe and friendly cities, free public healthcare and school systems that guarantee quality education.

To live in Canada is affordable, especially in Manitoba where housing prices is amongst the most affordable in all of Canada. Manitoba borders between Saskatchewan and Ontario, creating easy access between two of Canada's most visited and popular province’s.

Did you know? Winnipeg is Manitoba's world class capital city. Discover the magical place that inspired the creation of the beloved children's character- Winnie the Pooh. The city might become a winter wonderland during the colder months, but that doesn’t stop Manitobans from enjoying 188, 833 Slurpees every month. Be sure to explore the province’s diverse nature and landscape which include, lakes, rivers, forests and prairies where you can hike, canoe, camp and fish.

Want to know more great facts and figures about the great city of Winnipeg? Discover more here.

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