13 Reasons to Study in Canada

How can you stay in Canada after graduation and gain some valuable work experience while you study? Can this work experience help me receive permanent residency in the country? How can you find an awesome job after graduation? How can you experience a fulfilling student life? Find the answers to your questions and more in our top 13 reasons to study in Canada as an international student!

1 Top Universities in the World

Need a reason to study in Canada? We can give you 13!

If you are looking for world renowned education, Canada has it covered with four of the top 100 universities in the world.

University of Toronto Ranked 31

UT is a great university to study a degree in the field of medicine as it took the top spot of medical doctoral universities in the world according to Macleans.

Not only is the campus a well known research and doctoral university, the campus also includes courses in everything from archaeology, environmental sciences, biology, geology, arts, business programs and even anthropology. You can also customize your studies in any of the courses from research to teaching.

McGill University Ranked 32

Started in 1821, McGill University has deep roots in being a research campus with over 11 faculties that offer over 300 different programs to choose from.

McGill has been a proud innovator of some of the most cutting edge international research in Northern America.

University of British Columbia Ranked 51

Vancouver is a vibrant city and the University of Toronto’s campus is no different. With students from over 140 countries and a student body of 60,000, UBC is a great place to study if you truly want to experience student life.

No matter your needs, you will find the right university for you in Canada as there are over 195 universities in the country right now!

2 Job Offer After Graduation

accepting a job offer

Studying in Canada can lead to a job offer after you graduate. Many companies in Canada are constantly on the lookout for new talented employees.

Not only does this give you a chance to work and earn some extra cash almost immediately, but your permanent residence can also be sponsored by your company for the position, saving you some money during the immigration process.

If you have a job under NOC 0, 00 or A and you get a Canadian job offer, you can score 200 points under the Express Entry system. A job offer for a NOC B position can get you an additional 50 points.

Don’t Have a Job Offer? No Worries!

You can apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). This permit allows you to gain valuable work experience in Canada.

If you apply online, it should take no more than an average of 66 days to get your application results. Although, if you apply on paper, you can expect to wait a lot longer. It will take an average of 111 days for a paper application.

How Long Does A Post Graduation Work Permit Last?

How long your PGWP lasts depends on how long your course was at a Canadian institution.

Course Length Work Period
Less than 8 months Cannot apply for PGWP
9 months 9 months
2 years + 3 years

The PGWP application can cost roughly CAD$255, but please be aware that additional documents may be required depending on your country of birth.

3 More Affordable Education for International Students

Yet more reasons to study in Canada has to do with it being one of the most affordable destinations for international students

Average tuition fees for international students at tertiary institutions around the world sit at $20,000 and can increase to around $24,000 and $29,000 for doctoral degrees in Melbourne and Sydney.

The US charges over $15,000 extra for international students who already have to pay an average of $25,620 for their tuition. If you plan to go to a private university, the costs are upped to $34,740.

In comparison, Canada is more affordable in many ways. International students can expect to pay an average of $20,540. Some universities have even more options for cheaper tuition fees that range from $5,000 to $16,000 per year.

Cheaper Universities for International Students

Costs for Undergraduates
Brandon University $5000-$8000
Saint Paul University $5000-$6000
University of Manitoba $12,000-$14,000
University of Winnipeg $12,000-$15,000
University of Ottawa $14,000-$16000
Dalhousie University $14,000-$16,000
Mount Royal University $11,000-$12,000

4 Become a Citizen of Canada

When you study in Canada as an international student, you have the chance to apply for permanent residence under at least two programs.

  • The Canadian Work Experience Program;
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

Certain provinces also have programs designed to help international student graduates find work in Canada to get one step closer to permanent residence.

This is done through a variety of subcategories under the Provincial Nominee Programs. So when you check out the province that you wish to move to, make sure you know that they have the right programs suited to your needs.

One of these examples is the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) that lets the province hire skilled workers who only have temporary residence. If you are successful and have been nominated by the province you can then apply for permanent residency.

All of these options give you the opportunity to first apply for permanent residency and finally citizenship. Making it just one of the many great reasons to study in Canada.

5 Technological Innovation

virtual reality headsets

Canada has a growing reputation for becoming the new silicon valley. Giant tech firms, like Google, are setting up shop in Toronto and Vancouver as technology stocks hit a high not seen in ten years.

In 2018, Canada invested CAD$1.28 billion in its tech industry, according to a MoneyTree report, causing a huge surge in the need for skilled tech workers. Canada has created special programs to keep up with the demand through immigration streams, like the Global Talent Stream and Global Skills Strategy Stream.

The number of tech jobs have also increased in proportion to this growing trend and provinces, like British Columbia, are trying to keep up with demand in an indsutry that hires over 106,430 people according to statitics from a BC Statistics Report in 2016 (https://news.gov.bc.ca/factsheets/bc-stats-report-profile-of-the-british-columbia-technology-sector-2017-edition-1).

The province’s weekly pay to those working in the technology sector are 85% higher than the average B.C. wage! Making it one of the many reasons to study in Canada, especially in the technological industry.

Some of the other fields you should consider for study in Canada are:

  • Aerospace engineering;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Medical devices
  • International computer and information technology;
  • Telecommunications; and
  • Ocean and environmental

6 Improve Your Skills in English and French

Are you a first language speaker of English? How about French? Even if you are not, you can still boost your skills in these languages.

These is no better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in it. Not to mention that many university campuses offer TEF (Language classes in French) and IELTS (English classes) on their campus to help you fit right in.

Your partner can also improve their language skills as Canada offers language services to permanent residents of the country to help them feel like real Canadians.

7 Enjoy Summer Break!

kayaking during summer break with friends

There is not better way to experience your youth than during the Spring and Summer breaks that happen around May to August! Have some fun in Vancouver kayaking in Deep Cover, enjoy the beach and sun with the Bard on the Beach party or enjoy the rich culture of 140 different countries all in one great city.

If you study in Montreal, you can explore the famous art galleries, like the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The city is also known for its food scene, including delicious treats that can really tantalize your taste buds from hipster asian eateries to terraced cafes with unforgettable brunches. You will always have something to do in Montreal..

But for those who are feeling more adventurous and want to explore the outsides of the province you are studying in, be aware that you must either apply for a:

  • Temporary resident visa; or
  • eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

Having a study permit does not mean you can travel anywhere in Canada so make sure you plan ahead to make sure you have an absolutely unforgettable summer break.

8 Over 150 Different Cultures Make up Multicultural Canada


Need more reasons to study in Canada? Here you go! Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world, hosting up to 150 different cultures across its lands.

Not only does this make Canada a melting pot of culture, it also means that you can experience all these different cultures for yourself in one country.

Canada knows that you might miss your home, so there are many societies and support groups around that will help introduce you to the local community and help you belong.

Did you know that from 2017, 23% of all Canadians were born outside of the country? Just more proof of Canada’s pledge to peace, tolerance and acceptance.

9 Safe and Fun Student Environments

quebc city, montreal, Canada

Have you ever been worried about crime? About being mugged or accosted? About civil war? You don’t have to worry about these issues in Canada. The country is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index results in 2018, that put Canada firmly at number 6 in the world.

Below are the top five cities in Canada that are rated as some of the safest places to live in. Why not take a look!

  • Gatineau, Quebec has real time online mapping of crime and is rated as one of the best cities for women by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
  • St. Catherines, Ontario is known for its below average crimes and is popularly named the Garden City.
  • Hamilton, Ontario;
  • Toronto, Ontario; and
  • Quebec City, Quebec

10 Great Place to Live

Vancouver is a great place to live as a student where more than 15,000 international students arrive each year. Not only are some of the best universities in Canada located here, but the city also has a booming city life, including stellar nightclubs, ski resorts sport clubs and so much more.

If you are a lover of the arts, then you should drop by the city of Montreal that also has a reputation for fantastic education, lifestyle and the large number of international students.

Ottawa should also be on that list thanks to its booming markets in public administration and healthcare, making it a great place for students to gain some valuable work experience while they study and potentially have future employment.

11 So Many Places to Go So Little Time

The country has had over 16 million visitors last year, which is not surprising for a country that has over 45 national parks, 42 national landmarks and has unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Canadian Rockies, Dinosaur Provincial Parks, Lunenburg, Glacier National Park and so many more.

Come winter or spring you can always find something to do like the:

  • Washoku Matsuri Japanese Food Festival;
  • Taste of Edmonton;
  • Winterlude;
  • Calgary Underground Film Festival;
  • Calgary Stampede;
  • Ski resorts on Blackcomb;
  • The Light Walk in Grouse Mountain;
  • Water tours of Niagara Falls; and
  • Trans Canada Trail

No matter if you love good food, outdoor adventure or the night life, you can find it all in Canada.12 Canada’s Plan to Welcome More International Students

Canada has been making it easier for international students to apply for study in the country.

India and China are just a few of the countries that have benefited from the new Student Direct Stream (SDS) that cuts the student processing time down by 25%. Great news if you are an international student!

The country also has plans to boost the number of international students to 450,000 by 2022 and promises to continue with this trend over the years.

Not to mention that Canada is also on the lookout for recent graduates for new job opportunities. Many opportunities exist for students who graduate from sectors, like:

  • Administration;
  • Construction;
  • Medicine;
  • Education;
  • Software and technology

13 Opportunities for Student Scholarships and Bursaries

Need some more reasons to study in Canada? Look no further than Canada’s scholarship programs and bursaries available to international students!

Below are some of the scholarship on offer in Canada.

Brazil’s Science Without Borders Scholarship which funds 75,000 scholarships each year through private and public funding.
Concordia University Undergraduate Scholarships that offer 193 scholarships to undergraduates.
Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Programme which gives CAD$10,000 to students who enroll in any recognized research university.
The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, this is given to international PhD students and grants students CAD$50,000 over a three year period.
University of Calgary Graduate Studies Award which grants students either a full or partial scholarship of up to CAD$40,000.
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program from the University of Toronto for 37 exceptional academic students who are key figures in their community.
Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award created for those who come from impoverished backgrounds to study at the University of B.C. for up to three years.

Think that Canada is the perfect place for you and want to know more as a prospective international student? Then why don’t you? Discover more reasons to study in Canada. Learn how to study in Canada as an international student today.