Extracurricular Activities in Canada

Keeping kids active and challenged is an essential part of the Canadian way of life. That is why extracurricular activities were introduced and why many schools have made them compulsory for all learners.

The activities can take place during the school day, during lunch or after school. This may be the best part of a child’s day as they get to enjoy a sport or cultural activity that can sometimes become a big part of their lives.

Why should children get involved?

Extracurricular activities are not only essential for children to learn about team work, sportsmanship and respect, but also to enable them to make friends and maybe even develop a love and passion for one of the activities.

For children who are new to Canada, extracurricular activities can be a good way to practice their English skills while learning and becoming part of the community in a fun and exciting way.

Universities and colleges are always looking for applicants who show that they have hobbies and interests outside of their academic lives, as well as some kind of volunteer experience.

Types of activities

Most schools offer these activities, but there are also community centres and private companies that may specialise in certain sports or cultural programs.


  • Sport: Football, hockey, gymnastics, swimming, ballet, dance
  • Cultural: Art, photography, choir
  • Volunteering is another example of an extracurricular activity, benefiting the child, while also helping people in need. These types of programs can be found at local community centres or through non-profit organisations.