New Zealand VS Canada for Students

Are you a university student looking for the right university for your future career or do you just want to experience great campus life with your friends. Well, you have come to the right place.

The show down is about to begin for the best place for learners with our New Zealand vs Canada for students article, where we talk about accommodation, fees and more!

Which Country Has the Best Universities?

First, we had a look at the best universities in 2018 from around the world. We found that out of the top 100 universities, in New Zealand only the University of Auckland made the list sitting a number 85.

On the other hand, it seems that Canada scores a resounding win in this round as it has 3 universities in the top 100 universities in 2018 as ranked by the QS World University Ranking.

Here are Canada’s top universities:

University of Toronto Rank 28
McGill University Rank 33
University of British Columbia Rank 47

In this round of New Zealand vs Canada for students, it seems like Canada outdid itself.

Of course, it isn’t fair to just look at rankings, so we did a little more digging to find which of these universities offer you a wider selection for your studies.

Number of university courses offer in undergrad:

The University of Auckland 20
McGill University 45
University of Toronto 700
University of British Columbia 41

Looks like Canada wins this round of New Zealand vs Canada for students because of its larger selection of courses. It means that you have more choice in your education and future career paths.

Next, we answer one of the most critical questions, how much does tuition cost for international students?

University Costs in New Zealand vs Canada

Of course, it is wonderful to have a selection of top rated universities and courses to choose from, but you also have to make sure that it is affordable for your budget.

Here is a general list of international student fees in both New Zealand and Canada to give you a better idea about getting more bang for your buck.

First up we have the University of Auckland.

Course Name Cost NZ$
Bachelor of Arts 35,035
Bachelor of Architectural 38,690
Bachelor of Education 30,046
Bachelor of Health Sciences 34,361
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 77,328
Bachelor of Pharmacy 44,310

It looks like Auckland University can be quite expensive for a student, especially if you take into consideration accommodation costs and other expenses.

On the other hand, if you want to know how much some of the Canadians charge for international students, here is a handy list.

McGill university

McGill University charges the following for international students for these courses.

  • Bachelor of Arts NZ$22,960
  • Bachelor of Commerce NZ$47,229
  • Bachelor of Engineering NZ$22,796
  • Bachelor of Nursing NZ$25,132
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering NZ$41,778
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science NZ24,104
  • Bachelor of Social Work NZ$22,796

PS if you are a graduate, three additional courses at McGill will cost you around NZ$3,399.

You should also know that McGill University has also been the top medical school in Canada for 13 years running and the campus receives one of the largest research budgets for medical innovation in the country.

university of Toronto

Next up we have University of Toronto, fees for students are as follows:

Course Name Cost NZ$
Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering 16,951
Bachelor of Arts, Architectural Studies or Visual Studies 18,237
Bachelor of Architecture 9,118
Bachelor of Information 7,704,
Business Administration 20,657
Business Administration 20,657
Doctor of Medicine 29,998
Bachelor of Health Science 14,858
Bachelor in Nursing 10,638
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 4,091

university of British Columbia anthropology campus

Last up we have the University of British Columbia, here is how much they charge for international students:

Course Name Cost NZ$
Bachelor of Arts 7,926,
Bachelor of Architecture 9,118
Bachelor of Information 7,704,
Business Administration 20,657
Business Administration 20,657
Doctor of Medicine 29,998
Bachelor of Health Science 14,858
Bachelor in Nursing 10,638
Bachelor of Pharmacy 23,462

New Zealand VS Canada for Students’ Accomodation Costs

Alright now that you have a general idea about these top universities, it also helps to make sure that you can find affordable accommodation.

If you live in the city of Auckland, you may be slightly better off in terms of accommodation costs, with an average 1 bed apartment going for around NZ$1,820 in the city centre.

Although, both Toronto and Vancouver are great for their nightlife and friendly student vibes, they can be a little more expensive when it comes to monthly rent and you can pay around $1,453 to $2,170 for a single bedroom in the city centre.

To make up for that, public transport costs and utilities in both Vancouver and Toronto are cheaper than Auckland, so getting around when you want to is not a problem with a monthly travel pass.

On the other hand, the city of Montreal is one of the most affordable out of all four cities in terms of both rent, utilities and public transport.

  • Monthly Transport Pass NZ$96
  • Utilities for the month NZ$78
  • Rent for a 1 bed apartment in the city centre NZ$1,047
  • Rent for a 1 bed apartment outside the city centre NZ$711

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