Special Education

If your child is struggling in school, don’t worry, Canada has many special education facilities that offer specialized courses and programs to support your child.

This issue may be picked up by you as the parent, or by a teacher, but usually the best way forward is to undergo an assessment.

What is an IEP?

The Individual Education Plan is designed to assist your child with a formal laid out plan in conjunction with the parent’s consultation. The student does not need to be formally assessed to qualify.

The IEP should include:

  • A list of the student’s strengths and needs;
  • An outline of the special education services the student will receive, where and when the service will be provided, and who will provide it.
  • A description of how the student’s progress will be measured and reviewed;
  • A set of goals for the student and teacher to work toward over the year; and
  • A list of any special equipment to be provided.

This IEP must be completed within 30 school days after your child has been placed in a special placement and the principal must ensure that you receive a copy of it.

The IEP must be reviewed each reporting period.

For more information on the different province programs and legislation, you can visit the Anglo Info Canada website.