Study in Canada: How a Canadian Qualification Will Change Your Life

A Canadian qualification is undoubtedly one of the most sought after qualifications amongst most prospective international students worldwide, with universities such as Toronto placing in the top 20 institutions in the world. Besides having this accolade to add to your professional resume, studying in Canada can open up doors that you may not have access to in your home country, as well as offering an array of memorable experiences that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Why Canada? Here are 5 reasons why you should enrol to study in Canada today.

Why Canada?

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1. Quality Education

The quality of education is the number 1 reason why thousands of students applied to study at one of Canada's prestigious institutions nationwide in 2018. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (ICCRC), 355,800 new study permits were issued making Canada one of the top destinations for foreign students. Canada’s education system is ranked among some of the world’s leading global universities, including universities such as the University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of British Columbia, which all feature in the World’s Top 100.

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2. Diversity

In 2018, according to James Gordon Carr (The Minister of International Trade Diversification), The International Education Strategy Initiative designated $147.9 million in support of diversifying countries from which international students come from, over the next 5 years.

According to the ICCRC, nationalities receiving the most study permits are as follows:

  • Indian - 107,290
  • Chinese - 85,335
  • Republic of Korea - 16,900
  • France - 13,470
  • Vietnam - 12,400
  • Brazil - 10,270

Most applicants received study permits to institutions in the following provinces:

  • Ontario - 174,640
  • British Columbia - 81,810
  • Quebec - 43,710
  • Alberta - 8,470

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3. Affordable Tuition

Now before you continue, we understand that because the Canadian dollar is ranked 10th in the world as having the strongest currency, studying in Canada may not be the most affordable country to study in, however, compared to leading education institutions in other destinations it is reasonably affordable, especially considering the various other benefits that come with studying in Canada, such as free public healthcare. We’ve compared the tuition and cost of living in Canada with the top 3 destinations.

Top 4 Countries
CountryAverage Tuition Fees & Cost of Living per Year (USD)
United Kingdom$35,045
United States$36,564
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4. Work While You Study

Studying abroad can be quite expensive, but with a Canadian study visa, students are allowed to work on or off-campus. Off-campus for a total of 20 hours per week during school semesters and full time during scheduled breaks. You will also need to have a SIN (Social Insurance Number). It is important to note that your study permit should state that you are authorized to work on or off-campus. Some programs also allow students to intern to gain work experience as long as your placement totals 50% or less than the total duration of your study program.

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5. Get Permanent Residence Once You’ve Graduated

As a Canadian graduate from one of Canada’s designated learning institutions (DLIs), you may be able to gain valuable work experience with a temporary Post-Graduate Work Permit (PSWP). The time that your PGWP is valid for depends on how long your study program was. You will qualify for the PCWP if your study program was:

PGWP Eligibility Criteria
Length of Study ProgramValidity of PGWP
less than 8 monthsnot eligible
8 months - 2 yearssame length as study program
2 years or more3 years
extra programlength of each program combined

Please note that your passport should not expire before your PGWP does.

If you are not eligible for the PGWP, there are 2 other work permit options; namely an open or employer-specific permit.

Once you have acquired enough Canadian work experience you will be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship through one of the main immigration programs and start your new life abroad. Ready to get started on your application? Let's work through the process step by step.

How do I Apply?

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The process can be quite specific but with our RCICs guiding you through the process you’ll be on your way to Canada in no time.

Step 1: Apply to your chosen university from the list of DLIs. Be sure to apply early so that it allows enough time to apply for your study permit and visitor's visa. Processing times depend on where you are applying from however certain nationalities can now receive their study permits in as little as 20 calendar days through the Student Direct Stream. Are you from China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal or Vietnam? If so, you are eligible.

Step 2: Once you have received your acceptance letter, you will need to gather your other documentation, which includes proof of payment of your first year's tuition, proof that you are able to support yourself for your length of stay medical exam, a police clearance certificate, IELTS certificates among others. You will also need biometrics

Step 3: Submit your application

How We Can Help

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By using a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), the immigration application process will be effortless but you are more likely to be successful in your application. 1 in 3 Canadian study permits are rejected due to insufficient documentation, misrepresentation and forms that are completed incorrectly, to name a few, even though you have been accepted to your chosen university. This is why using an RCIC is so important. When you use our services you can rest assured that your application and documents will be verified and submitted as per the government’s regulations. The Candian government is also more likely to approve your application if they know that you have gone through a certified channel. Why risk your future investment and a chance to get permanent residency in Canada? Simply apply for your evaluation today and the next step towards achieving your Canadian dream.