Why study in Canada?

They don’t call it the “Land of opportunity” for nothing – Canada has much to offer the potential immigrant in terms of lifestyle, culture, art and of course, education. Home to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, Canada’s educational system can be described as nothing short of impeccable. So why study in Canada? Below are the top reasons most students choose to immigrate and study in Canada.


As we have pointed out, Canada is known for offering a world-class education at any one of its institutions. Canadian schools are also celebrated for being the most diverse in terms of the types of programs that are on offer – be it elementary, language, art or vocational. As a bilingual country, Canada is a world leader in language training and offers a high quality standard in language education to improve your fluency and ability to adapt as you further your studies.


In terms of English speaking countries, Canadian schools are amongst the lowest in tuition rates. The cost of living and tuition fees are much lower than that of the US or UK, making it the ideal place to get a top-quality education without having to mortgage your parents’ house.

Multicultural societies

Approximately 300,000 students at Canadian schools are internationals. This means that you will never be an outcast as there are many others who are in search of a better future just like you. Since Canada is so welcoming to foreign nationals, most Canadian universities also offer an array of ethnic clubs and associations for you to join during your stay. Be a part of a vibrant social scene with people from all walks of life and create new memories and experiences with them.

Study and Work at the same time

Canada offers you the unique opportunity of being able to study and work at the same time. We like to think that they understand that being a student is not a luxurious life and so they make provisions for you to sustain yourself during your study period.

Healthy and Safe environment

Not only is it one of the best places to study, but Canada is also ranks as one of the best places to live on a worldly scale. As an international student in this great country, you’ll enjoy all of the basic liberties any Canadian would, such as an equal society with a low crime rate.

Because Canada…

The main goal may be to study in Canada, but let’s not forget that this country is also home to some of the most beautiful sites in the world. Take advantage of the opportunity and go sightseeing on your day off, enjoy the rich history and art that can be found in the cities.