What Is an Expression of Interest (EOI) and How Can It Help You to Immigrate to Manitoba, Canada?

An Expression of Interest(EOI) or Notification of Interest(NOI) forms part of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program and is not the same as an application. However, it is one of the first steps in applying for permanent residence in Manitoba, Canada. The Expression of Interest Application can be done by eligible candidates to fast-track their application for permanent residence.

What Is the Application Process to Submit an Expression of Interest and Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Notification of Interest ApplicationBefore we can expand on the application process, we need to determine the eligibility criteria of those who can submit an Expression of Interest. The province of Manitoba does not submit a list of eligible occupations, but they do score you on what is referred to as Expression of Interest Ranking with a points-based system. Eligibility criteria ranges from language proficiency in English and French, how skilled and experienced you are in your designated profession as well as your prospects of employment in the province. Please note, if you have an existing application in any other province, you are not eligible to submit an Expression of Interest through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

The application process is made up of a series of questions that are designed to assess your level of eligibility. This questionnaire is completed online and is fairly simple, requiring no supporting documentation. The questionnaire then tallies up a ranking (referred to as the EOI Ranking System) of everyone who has completed it and places them into a pool of potential candidates. Those who score highest will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) which indicates that the candidates have 60 days to apply for permanent residence in Manitoba, Canada.

Immigrate to Manitoba, Canada

Streams of the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program

Those who are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Manitoba can be categorized into four streams, namely: International Education, Business Investor, Skilled Worker in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas. An expansion on these streams can be found below.

International Education Stream

This stream is for foreign students that are enrolled or graduated at an educational institution in Manitoba on a student visa and wish to settle permanently in the province on the completion of their studies. This settlement is on the basis that they are seeking employment in the province following their graduation and that the industry in which they are seeking employment is in demand in the province.

Business Investor Stream

This stream is for entrepreneurs who seek and have the financial means to expand their business into the province of Manitoba in Canada. This stream also makes room for experienced and capable farmers who intend to start and manage a farm in the province. It's important to note that besides financial means, other factors include how successful you are in your home country, what your chances are of adapting to the culture in Manitoba and if your business model fulfills a need in the job market.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

This stream is geared towards skilled workers with some sort of experience in the province. This experience includes, but is not limited to, education, work experience and training. This stream also includes people who have been granted a long-term job offer in the province.

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

This stream is for people who have a tie to the province via friends or family who live there. It also includes those who have received an invitation to apply through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

moving to Manitoba with a Notification of Interest Application

If you’re seeking to apply for permanent residence in Manitoba and not sure where to start or if you are eligible to apply through one of their Provincial Nomination Program streams, our qualified immigration experts at MDC are here to guide you through the entire process Sign up to let us walk you through the process and you could very soon be on your way to Manitoba, Canada!