Immigrating to Quebec

Annually, Quebec receives thousands of immigrants with impressive skills, making the job search relatively easy for them. Quebec is known to have the one of the highest qualities of life in the world. Quebec has a special immigration agreement with the government that doesn’t apply to other provinces and is focused on choosing immigrants who will adapt to living in Quebec.

If you do wish to move to Quebec before applying for permanent residency, you have to obtain a Certificat de sélection du Québec which means you have been pre-selected by Quebec. Quebec selection processes will take into account your education, occupational skills, language knowledge, age and your family status (children etc). As Quebec is a French speaking province, Francophone immigrants are warmly welcomed as adaption would be easy. The government, however, does contribute a great deal teaching the French language with many programs available.

Quebec has recently lowered the pass mark for its Skilled Worker Program by removing the “adaptability” factor, making it that much easier to apply. This program selects candidates with the highest chance of successful economic settlement. A Quebec skilled worker is one who intends to settle in Quebec to hold employment. Candidates with a wide range of management and financial services, engineering, healthcare and information technology accolades have the best chance of success.

The quality of life in Quebec is among the highest in the world and has received worldwide attention as a very popular immigration destination.

Quebec is a beautiful province with low unemployment, high incomes, and population growth.