Must Knows When You Immigrate to Canada from Australia

Applying and qualifying for Canadian immigration is just the first step you must take to get your immigration journey started. But it doesn’t end there, you have to know what to do when you arrive in Canada.

Here is a list of all the things you must know when you immigrate to Canada from Australia.

Get a SIN Number

What is a SIN you ask? SIN or Social Insurance Number is a nine digit number that you need in order to work in Canada and access public services like healthcare.

Who can apply for SIN? Anyone over the age of 12, who is a Canadian citizen, temporary resident or permanent resident of Canada can apply. If you are a guardian of a dependant (anyone who is aged below 22 years of age and who is not married), you can apply on their behalf.

To apply for SIN as a temporary resident you need:

Either your permanent resident card or confirmation from the IRCC for PR in Canada along with a valid passport or ID to confirm your identity; or
Your work permit from the IRCC ; or
Study permit that show that you may:
-Accept work as a student; or
-May accept work as a student off campus
Visitor record that shows you can work in Canada

Please note that all of these documents must be originals, photocopies will not be accepted. In general, it takes around 10 business days to get your SIN number when you apply in person. If you apply by mail, it will take 20 business days instead.

How to Open a Bank Account

how to open a bank account in Canada

First off, you will need to open up a Bank account in Canada so that you can get around and recieve your first paycheck.

Just be aware that some banks prefer you to walk into their offices as a temporary or newly arrived immigrant instead of applying online. Just check with the bank before you do.

What you need to open a bank account in Canada:

Your passport;
Your landing papers; or
Permanent resident card or papers

How to Enroll Your Children in Public School

school child in snow

When you immigrate to Canada from Australia with your family it is really important to apply for public schooling as soon as possible.

Worried about the paperwork? You don’t have to be. As a new newly arrived immigrant, you have access to local Immigration Services that will assist you in everything from:

  • Locating and applying for local jobs;
  • Enrolling your children in public schools;
  • Providing extra language classes in English and French to help you adjust to your new home;
  • Putting you in touch with local communities and support programs; and
  • Finding accomodation for you and your family

This is just one of the ways that Canada makes everyone feel welcome and shows the importance they place on fostering a real community.

How to Get Around the City

public transport systems in Canada

Depends on the city you live in, there are a variety of ways to get around from:

  • Buses;
  • Trains;
  • Subways
  • Trams; and
  • Light rail trains

One of the most common ways to get around most cities is on the local bus systems.

You can even buy a transit pass, which lets you use the buses for a set period of time, generally a month. This is generally a lot cheaper than buying a new ticket every single time.

You can buy these passes at local convenience stores, transit stations or from the bus driver. Just remember to bring the exact change if you do!

Canada also has a major biking community with hundreds of kilometers of bike trails that you can peddle down in. Some of the best cities for this are Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto all of which have bike sharing programs. Though we would not suggest doing it during winter for obvious reasons.

The country also has a very organized train and tram system you can use. You can purchase a monthly transit ticket to save costs. Students and pensioners can get discounts on these monthly tickets to help make Canadian life just a little bit cheaper.

Your Permanent Residence Card

Your PR card is vital when you immigrate to Canada from Australia.

The PR card can take up to six weeks to be delivered to your address in Canada after you arrive. If you have applied successfully for PR in Canada, then you will be given a document that you can use to access public services in the country until your card arrives.

Haven't applied for your PR card yet? Here is the PR Card Application form IMM 5444, if you want to apply for it yourself.

Find out How to Immigrate to Canada from Australia

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