3 Reasons to Ditch the Office and Work Remotely in Canada

Did you know that you can not only immigrate to Canada without a job but can work from anywhere through the Express Entry system?

Times are changing and more and more companies are opting to hire remote workers as it not only gives you as an employee more freedom to work on your own schedule and has also been reported to increase work satisfaction. In fact, according to Forbes, a recent survey found that 16 % of companies worldwide are now completely remote.

It has proven to not only promote productivity but lower stress levels, allow employers to hire more highly skilled workers and help reduce costs as well as make for an all-round happier work experience. Although working remotely does come with its challenges the positives far outweigh them.

If you are a highly skilled and talented worker wanting to relocate to Canada and work remotely then keep reading to find out more about how you could be working in Canada from virtually anywhere. The choice is yours. The opportunities are boundless.

Top Reasons to Work Remotely in Canada


If you’re searching for better job opportunities, greater freedom and high quality of life in one of the most dynamic and multicultural countries globally then choosing to work remotely in Canada could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Here are our top 3 Reasons to immigrate to Canada and work remotely.

1. You’ll Be More Productive

Working remotely makes for a productive environment as you won’t have to worry about that dreaded commute to work, you can work on your own schedule, take breaks when needed, will have less distraction and also encourages self-motivation. The sooner you finish your daily tasks the sooner you get to step out and walk the dog, spend time with your kids or simply kick up your feet and unwind.

2. Less Stress

Working remotely will not only increase productivity but your level of well being too. Without having to commute, for an average of 58 minutes, your blood pressure will be lower and numerous studies have also shown that stress levels could reduce by as much as 82% while health levels could increase by about 77%.

3. More Freedom

Working remotely in Canada will give you the freedom to work according to your own schedule. Imagine being able to pick your kids up from school and help them with their homework in the afternoon? Or how about being to step out for a doctor’s appointment without having to take a half-day and having to make up that work over the following days? Or how about simply having the freedom to take a stroll in the sun on Thursday afternoon instead of being cooped up in the office? In fact, reports have shown that the average worker would be willing to reduce their pay by 8% to be able to work from home. And in a place like Canada, wouldn’t you want more time and freedom to be able to explore its natural beauty and bustling city life?

How to Immigrate to Canada and Work from Anywhere

immigrate to Canada and work remotely

The ever-popular Express Entry system has allowed thousands of highly skilled workers to immigrate to Canada from all over the world.

Originally implemented in 2015, the Express Entry system was designed to help streamline the Canada visa application process and make it more accessible to foreigners looking to live and work in Canada. In order to qualify to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry you would need to be eligible for one of the following immigration programs:

Once you have determined which Canadian immigration program is right for you, you can start by creating your online Express Entry profile, which will include information such as your age, educational qualifications, work experience, language skills and ability to adapt to life in Canada. Once you have submitted your profile you will be entered into a draw pool and ranked against other applicants. Those with the highest scores will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada

Sound like a dream? Well, we could help make it a reality. For help with your Canadian Visa application and an in-depth immigration strategy to help avoid wasting time and money by applying through the incorrect immigration program simply click the link below or keep reading to find how using a registered Canadian Immigration Consultant could mean the difference between working anywhere in Canada or being left disappointed and without a visa to Canada.

Work Anywhere in Canada With the Help of Canadian Visa


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