Alberta Needs Barbers: Find Out if You Make the Cut

Are you an experienced barber in search of new opportunities in one of the most multicultural and diverse countries in the world? Then Canada may be just the place for you.

Alberta is currently in search of qualified and experienced barbers and hairstylists, which means that you may qualify to apply to move to Canada through one of Canada’s Federal Immigration Programs.

Experienced barbers and hairstylists can earn up to $35,879 per year in Alberta, with an average wage of $20.74, which is higher than the national average, which is around $31,200 per year.

The male grooming industry is booming and currently brings in annual revenue of about $4 billion, which has increased by 1.5% in 2019 alone. Market reports, according to Ibis World, show that there are approximately 39,984 businesses employing over 71,166 people in the industry. 

65% of employers have recruited skilled barbers in Alberta over the past 2 years, and with Canada currently offering hundreds of jobs to skilled foreign barbers, now is the time to make the move to Canada.

Ready to find out if you make the cut? Simply click the link below or keep reading to find out how you can immigrate to Alberta as a barber.

What Do I Need?

barber kit on grey towel

Besides your skills and clipper, you will need the following when you move to Canada as a barber.

Step1: Check if you meet the basic requirements as a barber

To immigrate to Alberta as a barber, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have some secondary school education is required.
  • Have completed a two-year apprenticeship or other barber program is usually required.
  • Have on-the-job training may be substituted for formal education.
  • Have a trade certification for barbers is compulsory in Ontario and available, but voluntary, in the Yukon.
  • A Red Seal endorsement is also available to barbers, as qualified hairstylists, upon successful completion of the interprovincial Red Seal examination. (This allows for interprovincial mobility)

Next, you will need to check which Immigration program you qualify for and choose which one best suits your needs. This can be quite tricky and having a paid regulated immigration consultant can make all the difference between being successful in your application and finding yourself disappointed and without a visa.

How Do I Move to Alberta as a Barber?

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Step 2: Choose your immigration program

There are many ways to move to Alberta as a barber, but perhaps the best and most popular way is through the Express Entry system. This will allow you to immigrate to Canada through one of 3 federal economic immigration programs in as little as 6 months. In order to complete your application, you will need to know your National Occupation Classification (NOC) code and skill level. As a barber, your NOC code is 6341 and your skills level or type is B, which makes you eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada through the FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program).

The Federal Skilled Worker Program allows you to live and work in Canada as long as you score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 possible points based on the following criteria:

Federal Skilled Worker Program Criteria
RequirementsMaximum Points
Language ability requirements (English and/or French)28
Education requirements - certificate, diploma or degree from a secondary institution or high school (if foreign you will need an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)25
Work experience requirements - at least 1 year of full-time paid work experience at skill type 0 or skill level A or B15
Age Requirements - ages 18 - 46 years will receive points12
Job Offer of at least 1 year (not compulsory)10
Adaptability(both you and your spouse can earn points)10

Step 3: Gather all necessary documentation

Once you have established that you are eligible to apply to move to Canada through the FSWP you will need to gather the documentation needed to apply through the Express Entry system. The criteria are similar to that of the FSWP however you will be scored differently.

In order to apply you will need to create an Express Entry profile and will need the following documents to do so:

  • Language tests;
  • ECA (Education credential assessment) report;
  • Provincial nomination(if you have one);
  • Written job offer from an employer in Canada(if you have one);
  • Police clearance certificates; Medical exam records;
  • Proof of funds.

These documents will need to be submitted along with your application forms.

man completing his online application

Step 4: Submit your application

Once you have submitted your application forms and supporting documentation, your profile will be valid for 1 year and will automatically be entered into Express Entry draw pools every 2 weeks. If you are successful in your application you will receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residence in Canada. The best part about having an occupation that is in demand in a particular province is that it increases your likelihood of being selected and therefore your chances of getting permanent residence in Canada.

Once in Canada, you may also want to join the CBA (Canadian Barber Association), a community of barbers started by 2 barbershop owners in Alberta, namely The Ave Barbershop and South Trail Crossing Barbershop. The CBA regularly has events that support growth and innovation within the industry.

How We Can Fast-track Your Application

Immigration to Canada can be both complex and confusing. By using our accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) you will not only optimize your chances of success in the visa application process, but you will receive expert advice on which program is best for your personal needs. Our RCICs are registered with the ICCRC and are legally permitted to assist you by evaluating your eligibility, reviewing all documentation and submitting it to the Canadian government on your behalf.

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