New Canadian Visa Application For Truck Drivers in Ontario

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has finally welcomed trucking onto its list of in-demand occupations. This means that foreign workers who have experience in driving long-haul trucks can now enjoy a faster route to earning Canadian permanent residence by applying for a Provincial Nomination through the In-demand Skills Stream. The change is the first acceptance of a complete revision of the entire Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). Find out how you can start your Canadian visa application for Ontario's truck driving program today.             

Why Truck Driving Is Needed in Ontario, Canada

Canadian visa application for truck drivers.The economy of Ontario is heavily reliant on the trucking industry. Even though the province’s major industries lie in diverse fields like technology and agriculture, they are all still dependent on trucking in some form or another. It is both the province and the country’s major mode of transportation, responsible for the distribution of over 90% of all consumer goods and foodstuffs.   

The problem is that there is a huge shortage of truck drivers in the province. It is estimated that there will be a lack of 14, 000 truck drivers by the year 2024. Without these essential workers, the economy will quite literally be brought to a standstill. For this reason, the Ontario Trucking Association has been appealing to the government to allow for trucking to be considered as an in-demand occupation since as early as 2018. Now it seems that their demands have finally been met.  

The 2019 Ontario budget revealed that trucking will now be added to the in-demand occupation list. So what does this mean for trucking and immigration? It allows for the industry to pull from a greater source of talent, including foreign workers, for the betterment of Ontario’s economy. 

The change to the OINP is yet another indication of how the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) can be adapted to suit the needs of the province at a particular moment in time. This allows for Canadian immigration to be responsive to the needs of the country at all times. 

Now that the OINP has added trucking to their list of occupations, even more, options have become available for truckers to earn permanent residence in Canada. If you want to start a career as a long haul truck driver, read our comprehensive guide right here

In-demand Skills Stream

The In-demand Skills Stream of the Employer Job Offer Category of the OINP has now become available for foreign truck drivers. To apply for this stream you will have to have a job offer for a full-time, permanent truck driving position and the proposed salary must meet industry standards. In addition to these requirements, you will have to meet the following requirements.

In-demand Skills Stream Requirements For Truck Drivers
You must have at least one year of work experience as a truck driver in Ontario within the past three years.
You need to have completed high school.
You must have all the necessary certificates and licenses need to perform the work in the job offer.
Your English or French proficiency must at least be at the Canadian Language Benchmark level 4 standard for reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
You must have enough money to settle you and your dependents in the province.
You must have the intention to live in Ontario.
You must legally be allowed to be in Canada at the time you applied for the OINP.

If you meet all of these requirements, you could be issued an Invitation to Apply for a provincial nomination. Earning a provincial nomination will afford your Canadian permanent residence; however, because you committed to living in Ontario, you will have to continue living in the province. 

Why Move to Ontario?

A new Canadian visa application will allow you to immigrate to Toronto as a truck driver.Ontario is perhaps the most well-known province in all of Canada. The capital city, Ottawa, and the most populous city, Toronto, are both located here, making the province the financial, political, and social hub of Canada. Toronto is known as the world’s most diverse city making it the go-to destination for Canadian immigrants. If you are hoping to immigrate to Canada, but you are worried about integration, Ontario is perfect for you. 

Apart from the phenomenal big city life, Ontario offers a wealth of natural wonders to form a beautiful backdrop to your new life in Canada. Niagara Falls calls Ontario home and needs no introduction as it is one of the world’s most famous natural attractions. There are also hundreds of stunning national parks all over the province bringing the great outdoors right to your doorstep.   

Why Use an RCIC?

Immigration to Canada can be both complex and confusing. By using our accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) you will not only optimize your chances of success in the Canadian visa application process, but you will receive expert advice on which program is best for your personal needs. Our RCICs are registered with the ICCRC and are legally permitted to assist you by evaluating your eligibility, reviewing all documentation, and submitting it to the Canadian government on your behalf. Don't risk your chances of moving to Ontario as a truck driver and living your Canadian dream. Let us make sure that all forms are completed correctly and sent in on time.     

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