5 Fun Facts About Canada You Need to Know Before Moving

Thinking of making your move to Canada? If you’re not sure, then we would like to introduce you to some interesting facts about Canada that we hope will ease you into making the decision of moving from your home country to Canada.

Canada embraces a lot of multicultural communities and people from all walks of life with welcoming, open arms. More so, the country is a strong advocate for skilled professionals seeking to live and work in Canada for better opportunities.

If you want to move to Canada but are unsure of whether or not your skillset is in demand then we would like to reassure you that you don’t have to sweat it. Canada has expanded its immigration targets to include more people from more countries, with their 2023-2025 Immigration Levels Plan outlining that it hopes to welcome 500,000 immigrant newcomers by the end of 2023.

This means that more immigrants are set to fill the worker to retiree ratio, which contributes to Canada’s booming economy and labor market. Canada’s versatile, ever-expanding job market promises you and your family a long-term sustainable future.

Before you plan on settling in Canada, we would like to highlight five fun facts about Canada which explains why moving to this spectacular country is one of the best life changing decisions you could make.

High Quality of Life

High quality of life

As per Numbeo, Canada continues to rank fairly well with regards to standards of living, awarding the nation with the descriptive term of “very high” with regards to its ranking among the world’s countries that have an improved quality of life. The data below is a representation of Canada’s current quality of life:

             Quality of Life Factors                          Percentage                                             Ranking                   
Purchasing Power Index                       97.19                     High
Safety Index                     56.29                     Moderate
Health Care Index                     70.74                     High
Climate Index                     55.34                     Moderate
Cost of Living Index                     69.51                     Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio                     9.09                     Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index                     33.52                     Low
Pollution Index                     28.91                     Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index:                     161.69                     Very High

Canada was one of the very few countries that continued to thrive since and after the breakout of a global pandemic in 2020. Not only did the country keep its immigration quota open while the rest of the world shut its doors, but the country still kept its head afloat by striving for better education, health care and employment opportunities.

Coupled with this, Canada offers a range of physical activities and free programs for various ages which speaks volumes of how the country treats its citizens (both young and old), therefore promoting a culture of safety and security.

Safe Travel Destination

Safe travel destination

Canada is a multi-faceted country with spectacular views and vacation getaways that strikes the ideal balance of work and play. According to a report published by World Population Review, Canada ranks as the sixth safest country as per the Global Peace Index.

With a trusted police force that responds swiftly to impending and imminent criminal crises, Canada boasts a low crime rate that gives its citizens lots of peace of mind. When it comes to international students, Canadian schools and learning institutions have got you covered with an abundance of scholarships and sponsorships, as well as the necessary support structures and resources to help you succeed in your education.

Forward Thinking Educational System

Forward thinking educational system

The opportunity to be in a country that affords students a wealth of educational opportunities is one of the top fun facts about Canada. Every learner, especially students from underprivileged countries, wants a secure career that enables them to obtain the necessary comfort and peace they desire.

Canada’s education system beats the odds since students are guaranteed a successful career upon completion of their studies.

Canada is a bilingual country with French and English being the two official languages. Therefore French is incorporated into learning programs, making English a second or third language for some Canadians.

While the Canadian provincial government oversees all levels of education, students can choose from a wide variety of affordable educational options: from kindergarten and primary, to secondary and post-secondary education, students are guaranteed quality education from world-leading educators and learning institutions in Canada.

Booming Economy

Booming economy

There are three main industries that drive the Canadian economy:

Service industry: This sector is the lifeblood of the Canadian job market since it employs individuals in different sectors such as health care, transportation, education, retail and communications. All these sectors play a vital role in Canadian economic growth.

Manufacturing industry: This sector includes paper, aerospace, automobiles, machinery, food and clothing. In turn, Canada employs individuals to produce these goods. Luckily for Canada, their good standing in trade with the US and other influential countries serves as a contributing factor to this progressive industry.

Natural Resource industry: Gold, iron ore, coal, copper and potash are Canada’s main mineral products that account for the bulk of mineral production. Canada’s natural resources call for high-paying jobs through the provision of raw materials that propel the economy.

Free Premium Healthcare

The Canadian healthcare system has one major purposeful aim which is to improve the overall is really to improve the overall health of all who call Canada home. This access is largely built through citizen funded governmental subsidies that allows the Canadian healthcare system to-for the most part-waive off private medical costs for its citizens. For this reason, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can access free public healthcare at all times.

In fact, even some foreign workers with valid work permits and international students may apply for free public health insurance in Canada. Public healthcare coverage varies from province to province, however, most medical care deemed necessary by the Federal government of Canada is covered at no cost to its citizens.

There are some exclusions to the provision of free governmental healthcare, such as prescription drugs, as well as dental, mental health, and optometry, unless deemed medically necessary.

More Fun Facts

  • According to Statistics Canada, along with the Canadian borders being the longest international border, the Great North also boasts the longest coastline in the world? Compared to Indonesia, Russia, the US and China, Canada’s coastline is a whopping 243,042 km
  • Did you know that Canada is the second-largest country in the world since the country boasts a total area of 9,984,670 km2?
  • Canada boasts one of the highest mountains in the world, namely Mount Logan being 5,959 meters high. Some of the other high mountains in the country include among the other high mountains such as Mount McKinley with 6,194 m in the US, Aconcagua with 6,962 m in Argentina and Mount Everest with 8,850 m in Nepal.
  • Did you know that the Mackenzie River is the longest river in Canada, expanding at 4,241 km through the Northwest Territories, Alberta and British Columbia, which covers a drainage area of 1,805,200 km2.

On a lighter note, whether you’re single or immigrating with your family, this country is highly accommodating of those looking to live and work in Canada, or those seeking permanent residence. With over 100 immigration visas and programs to choose from, you can immigrate to Canada with ease by using the services of an immigration consultancy company like CanadianVisa.

Below is an introduction to CanadianVisa with a brief outline of the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) assisted services that it offers to clients.

How we can Help you Move to Canada

How we can help you move to Canada

If you decide to take the decision to move to Canada you will be faced with the difficult immigration application process that Canada imposes.

Canada prides itself on having some of safe and secure borders in the world, and the nation itself has a standard of living that rests on its stellar standards of provision with regards to education, healthcare, economic competitiveness and tolerant multicultural society.

To preserve these high standards, the Canadian government ensures that the people invited to apply and are accepted to become permanent Canadian residents are taken through a rigorous application process. Presented with this task, a lot of applicants understandably balk at the prospect of going through the application process alone.

In lieu of the anxious reluctance that applicants have to go through the application process alone, we recommend getting in touch with CanadianVisa. CanadianVisa will assist you by facilitating your eligibility criteria, making sure that you collect and certify the relevant supporting documents and submit your application as per the deadlines outlined.


What are Some fun but Less-Known Facts About Canada?

  • “Eh” is a real word in Canada
  • Canada can boast of having the least gravity than anywhere else in the world
  • The official address of Santa Claus is in Canada
  • Well over 20% of Canada’s population is foreign born

What are Some Relatively Unknown Facts About Canada?

  • An Italian explorer working for the English
  • Canada’s National animal is the beaver

What is the Most Well-Known Fact About Canada?

Canada is home to Niagara, the highest and largest waterfall in the Western Hemisphere and one of the most revered national parks in the world.