Jobs in Canada for Foreigners - Atlantic Immigration

Newfoundland and Labrador release list of jobs in Canada for foreigners! The province is the first of the four Atlantic Provinces to distribute a complete list of employers participating in the growing Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Newfoundland and Labrador has experienced immense success with this program and subsequently, the provincial government encourage prospective newcomers to get into contact with employers.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is designed to attract immigrants to Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to help grow their population and economy. The provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador recently revealed that, as a result of population decline, there are thousands of jobs available from now till 2025. The program has been so successful that the 2018 intake increased from 1,000 to 2,500 in July. For more information on the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program click here.

Below you will find a list of over 172 employers offering jobs in Canada for immigrants. If you are interested in immigrating to Newfoundland and Labrador we highlight recommend you start contacting the following Canadian employers.

St John’s

The capital and largest city of Newfoundland and Labrador, St John’s is known as the oldest city in the entire North America. Rich in history, St John’s has much to offer newcomers, including historic sceneries and sights, several urban parks, museums and of course tons of employment opportunities.

Theses are the designated employers in St. John’s

Newfoundland Ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Canada Inc. o/a Lasik MD
Newfoundland Labrador Inc. o/a The Reluctant Chef
Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. o/a 4 Pillars – St. John’s
A Better Living Home Care
A Plus Auto Service Centre
Aditya Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a Extreme Pita
Amity Foods Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Association For New Canadians
Avalon Tech & Tailor Inc.
Beaufort Solutions Inc.
Bemister’s Janitorial Services Inc.
Bhaskar Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a Dairy Queen MUN Campus
BJH Enterprises Inc. o/a Wing’ n It Kenmount Road
Bluedrop Learning Networks Inc.
Body Works St. John’s 2012 Ltd.
Bogart’s Jewelry Ltd.
Canton Restaurant
Caregivers Inc. o/a Blue Sky Family Care
CG Aberdeen Holdings Inc. o/a Harvey’s Restaurant
Chinched Bistro
Citrus Marketing Inc. o/a Newfoundland Canvas
City Light Holdings Inc.
City Trust and Mortgage Company Ltd.
Collision Clinic Ltd.
Connie Parsons School of Dance Ltd.
Cosmos Enterprises Ltd. o/a Newfound Cabs
Dr. Nagaanand Dental Inc.
East Coast Sushi Restaurant Inc.
East End Tailoring Ltd.
Em-K Investments o/a Burger King
Empowered Homes Inc.
Focenco Ltd. o/a Colemans
Fonemed North America Inc.
Fytics Inc.
Genoa Design International
GillCo Enterprises Inc. o/a City Centre Pharmacy
GWG Investments o/a Red Pepper Mongolian Grill
H&M Food Inc.
Harmonie Foods Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
I.C Pizza House Inc.
J.Co Holdings Inc. o/a Kelseys 7120
Jin Dragon Restaurant Holding Inc.
K & B Atlantic Inc. o/a Milestones
K&R Holdings Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s, Avalon Mall
Kelsey Drive Pizza Inc. o/a Boston Pizza
Key Assets Newfoundland and Labrador Inc.
Magic Wok Ltd.
Mandarin Mart
MAR Investment Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Memorial University
Mobile Tire Service NL Inc. o/a TireTec
Mohamed Ali’s Restaurant
Momavie DMML Inc. o/a The MoMavie Center
Nails Time Inc.
New Moon Inc.
Newfound Resources Ltd.
Newont Ltd. o/a Burger King
NGA Outsourcing Canada Inc. o/a NGA Human Resources
Orkin Canada Corp.
PAL Aerospace Ltd.
Pennecon Ltd.
PF Collins Customs Broker Ltd.
Pride Restaurant Enterprise Inc. o/a Greco Pizza
Principal Holdings Ltd.
Provincial Advisory Council The Status of Woman, NL
Puldin Enterprises Inc. o/a Venice Pizzeria
Rashmi Holdings Inc.
Red and Yellow Cabs Inc.
ROM Group Ltd.
Seadrill Canada
So & Associates Ltd. o/a The UPS Store
Square meals Inc. o/a Smitty’s Family Restaurant
Stavanger Drive Pizza Company o/a Boston Pizza
Suraj Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a BuckWeavers
Surya Holdings Inc. o/a Extreme Pita
Sushi Nami George Street Restaurant Incorporated
Sushi Shokunin Inc.
The New Vogue Furriers Ltd.
Torbay Fun Foods o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Trinity Hospitality Services
West End Foods ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Work Global Canada Inc.
Yellow Belly Brewery Ltd.


Clarenville is one of several smaller historic towns of Newfoundland and Labrador. The town serves as the natural entrance to the famous Discovery Trail, the area where John Cabot first landed in Canada.

These are the designated employers in Clarenville

Newfoundland Limited o/a Mary Brown’s
Clarenville Foods Inc. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Clarenville Foods Inc. o/a Shamrock City Pub
Mercury Services Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight
Tai Hong Restaurant

Grand Falls-Windsor

Grand Falls-Windsor is the largest town in central Newfoundland. Do not miss the annual Exploits Valley Salmon Festival, during this time the town truly comes alive.

These are the designated employers in Grand Falls-Windsor

NFLD Limited DBA o/a Marsh Motor Sports
Auto Impact Solutions Limited
Dr. Parekh Dentistry Professional Corporation o/a Exploits Valley Dental Office
Sutherland Investments (2017) Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
TGY Estate Ltd. o/a The Golden Years Estate
United Foods Inc. o/a McDonald’s Family Restaurant

Happy Valley Goose Bay

This town can be found in the centre of Labrador on the coast of Lake Melville and the Grand River. Fun fact, the town is famous for having the largest military air base in northeastern North America.

These are the designated employers in Happy Valley Goose Bay

10565 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
10567 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
71036 Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. o/a Cabot Auto
Bennett’s Limited o/a Ultramar
Birdhouse Garden Market Inc.
Dr. Chandrasegaram Labrador Professional Dental Corporation
D’s Landing Inc.
Froyd Services Ltd. o/a A&W Restaurant
Kelly’s Body Zone
Labrador-Grenfell Health
Newfoundland Multi Foods Ltd. o/a Multi Foods Ltd.
Nor-Lab Ltd. o/a Bentleys Restaurant
Nor-Lab Ltd. o/a Maxwell’s Lounge
Proper Care Services Inc.
Terry’s Tents & Shoe Repair Limited
Them Days Incorporated
Thunder Rode Ent. Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons

St. Anthony

St. Anthony was home to Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, an influential healthcare figure in Canadian history. In the year 1900 he was responsible for bringing healthcare services to over 30,000 residents. The spirit of Dr. Wilfred Grenfell is now immortalized in the town and can be seen in the ways the community cares for one another.

These are the designated employers in St. Anthony

10566 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
DASH Foods Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s
L&H Tucker Holdings Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons


Have you heard about the musical play, Come from Away? The story highlights the compassion and caring of the citizens of Gander. In this small town you will find several jobs in Canada for immigrants.

These are the designated employers in Gander

61065 NL Inc. o/a The Golden Years Estate
Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd.
Gander Flight Training Ltd.
MHD Enterprises Incorporated o/a Wing’n It Gander
R&R Coffee Ltd o/a Tim Hortons
Trinity Hospitality Services

Labrador City

Land of the hard-working people! This is the motto of Labrador city and is seen in every action of its 9,354 citizens. The town is found near the border of Quebec and together with its neighbouring town, Wabush, is known as Labrador West.

These are the designated employers in Gander

Association francophone du Labrador
Carol Automobile Ltd.
Dr. Rehan Malik
Dr. Hans and Dr. Hans PMC Inc.
Dr. Vikram Vasamreddy Dentistry Professional Corporation
Labrador Donut o/a Tim Hortons
Maritime Jewellers

Bay Roberts

Bay Roberts, though a small city, is currently experiencing great economic growth. It is conveniently located to all the major Newfoundland markets, for this reason, and many others, Bay Roberts often tops lists of the best towns in Canada.

These are the designated employers in Bay Roberts

Atlantic Grocery Distributors Ltd.

Mount Pearl

Mount Pearl is the second largest city in the province with a population of 22,957.

These are the designated employers in Mount Pearl

Atlantican General Trading Inc.
Awesome enterprises Ltd. o/a Acropolis Pizza
Dental Crafts Ltd.
Flynn Canada Ltd.
Focenco Ltd. o/a Colemans
J. Shiref Sales Ltd.
Small Holdings Ltd. o/a Smitty’s Restaurant
Solace Power Inc.
Sunrise Ventures Inc. o/a Tim Horton’s
Urban Flooring Contractors Ltd.
Viking Carpentry and Construction Ltd.


Placentia is a popular tourist town in Newfoundland and Labrador known for its many archaeological sites, 19th century architecture and museums. Become familiar with the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre to stay up to date with all the exciting events in town.

These are the designated employers in Placentia

Beachside Manor Ltd.

Corner Brook

Corner Brooke is the city with the fifth largest population in the province. The city is home to Grenfell Campus of Memorial University, for this reason Corner Brooke is a hub of creativity and the arts.

These are the designated employers in Corner Brook

Boutcher Holdings Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Briarside Holdings Ltd. o/a Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic
Corner Brook Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation
Culinary Creations Inc.
Humber Nurseries Ltd.
Marble Resort Development Ltd.


CBS or Conception Bay South is a lovely coastal town located on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. Many claim that CBS has the best weather in the province and with a thriving business community more and more are joining this coastal beauty.

These are the designated employers in CBS

Bugden Enterprises o/a Mary Brown’s Restaurant
CBS Foods Ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant
Mercer Investments o/a Mary Brown’s


Paradise is one of the fastest growing towns in the province. On average it has the youngest population in the province, the majority of its 21,000 citizens are between 28-35. If you are a young family, this town will truly be your Paradise.

These are the designated employers in Paradise

Connor Madyson Enterprises o/a Tim Hortons
Green Food Industries Inc.
Philrobben Janitorial Ltd.
RTS Janitorial Maintenance Inc.
WDI Coffee Incorporated o/a Tim Hortons
Ye’s Wok Restaurant (Newfoundland & Labrador Inc.)

Rocky Harbour

Nature lovers rejoice! Rocky Harbour is found right in the heart of the famous Gros Morne National park. The town is also known for its fishing, wood and tourism industries.

These are the designated employers in Rocky Harbour

Fisherman’s Landing Inn


Glovertown is a very small town with a lot of spirit. It is home to around 2,300 people who run over 50 businesses in the town.

These are the designated employers in Glovertown

Glovertown Shipyards (2010) Ltd.


These are the designated employers in Hopedale

Grace Hotel Ltd.

King’s Point

These are the designated employers in King’s Point

Green Bay Fibre Products Ltd.

Daniel’s Harbour

These are the designated employers in Daniel’s Harbour

Gros Morne Trading Post Ltd.

Harbour Grace

These are the designated employers in Harbour Grace

Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises Ltd.

L’anse au Clair

These are the designated employers in L’anse au Clair

Letto’s Enterprises Ltd. o/a Northern Light Inn

L’Anse Au Loup

These are the designated employers in L’anse Au Loup

O’Brien’s Sales and Service Ltd.

Port Hope Simpson

These are the designated employers in Port Hope Simpson

P and B Enterprises o/a Hotel Alexis


These are the designated employers in Port Hope Simpson

Peninsula Donuts Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
W.J. Dober Limited
Wiseman’s Funeral Homes Ltd.


These are the designated employers in Holyrood

J Investments Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s


These are the designated employers in Catalina

Shirley’s Haven Inc.

Portugal Cove, St. Philips

These are the designated employers in Portugal Cove, St. Philips

Tilt House Bakery


These are the designated employers in Wabush

Wabush Convenience Store Limited

How to Immigrate to Canada

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