What is the Best Province for Farm Jobs in Canada?

Are you considering a career in the farming industry in Canada? If so, you may wonder which province offers the best opportunities for farm jobs. Look no further than Alberta. With its thriving agricultural sector and a wide range of job opportunities, Alberta offers the best agricultural career opportunities in Canada.

Are you Curious about why Alberta is the best province in Canada for farm jobs? Discover why Alberta is the leading province in Canada for farm jobs!

What is The Best Province in Canada For Farm Jobs?

what is the best province for farm jobs in canada

The best province for farm jobs in Canada is Alberta.


Alberta, located in western Canada, is renowned for its vast stretches of fertile land and a thriving farming industry. The province is home to a diverse range of agricultural activities, including:

  • Crop farming,
  • Livestock production,
  • Cattle ranching,
  • Beekeeping, and
  • Dairy farming.

These agricultural activities make Alberta the best Canadian province for farm jobs according to Canada’s Job Bank.

Top 10 Farm Jobs in Alberta

General Farm Worker

NOC Code: 85100

General farm workers play a crucial role in various farming activities, such as planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. They also assist in the care and feeding of livestock and perform general maintenance tasks on the farm.

Annual Average Salary: 59,424.22 CAD

Farm Supervisor

NOC Code: 82030

Farm supervisors oversee the day-to-day operations on the farm, ensuring that all tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively. They manage farm workers, allocate resources, and make decisions that contribute to the overall success of the farm.

Annual Average Salary: 54,023.58 CAD

Beef Cattle Herdsperson

NOC Code: 84120

As a beef cattle herds person, you will care for and manage beef cattle. This includes feeding, watering, and monitoring their health. You may also assist with breeding and calving activities.

Annual Average Salary: 54,023.58

Bee Farm Worker

NOC Code: 84120

Bee farm workers are involved in the production of honey and other bee-related products. They assist in hive maintenance, honey extraction, and the care of bees. This job requires attention to detail and a strong work ethic.

Annual Average Salary: 59,410.49

Nursery Worker

NOC Code: 85103

Nursery workers handle the propagation and care of plants in nurseries. They plant and transplant seedlings, monitor plant health, and ensure proper watering and fertilization. This job requires knowledge of plant care techniques and a passion for horticulture.

Annual Average Salary: 43,884.65 CAD

Vegetable Picker

NOC Code: 85101

Vegetable pickers harvest vegetables from the fields, ensuring that only high-quality produce is selected. They work efficiently to meet harvest targets and maintain the quality standards set by the farm.

Annual Average Salary: 48,611.74 CAD

Farm Equipment Operator

NOC Code: 84120

Farm equipment operators are skilled in operating and maintaining various types of farm machinery, such as tractors, combines, and irrigation systems. They ensure the equipment is in good working condition and used safely and efficiently.

Annual Average Salary: 59,415.64

Harvest Floor Worker

NOC Code: 85101

Harvest floor workers work in meat processing plants, where they assist with the processing and packaging of meat products. They follow strict hygiene and safety procedures to ensure the quality and safety of the final product.

Annual Average Salary: 48,611.92

Dairy Herd Operator

NOC Code: 84120

Dairy herd operators care for and manage dairy cattle. They oversee milking operations, monitor the cows' health, and ensure proper feeding and housing practices.

Annual Average Salary: 53,982.24

Poultry Farm Manager

NOC Code: 80020

Poultry farm managers are responsible for the overall management of poultry farms, including the care of chickens, egg production, and biosecurity measures. They oversee farm workers, manage finances, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Annual Average Salary: 54,013.44 CAD

Why Work in Alberta as a Farm Worker?

why work in farming in canada?

Here are some of the top reasons why immigrant farm workers choose to work in Alberta.

Competitive Wages in Alberta

One of the significant advantages of working in Alberta as a farm worker is the competitive wages offered in the province. Alberta has a higher minimum wage compared to many other provinces in Canada, ensuring that farm workers are compensated fairly for their hard work.

This is reflected in Alberta’s position at the top of the list of provinces or territories with the highest annual average salary for farmers according to Canada’s Job Bank.

Top Canadian Provinces for Farm Jobs in Canada Annual Average Salary (CAD)
Alberta 59,362.88
Manitoba 53,957.86
British Columbia 48,562.08
Ontario 47,213.13
New Brunswick 45,855.07
Quebec 44,506.39
Prince Edward Island 43,147.73
Newfoundland and Labrador 40,450.99

Opportunities for Career Growth in Alberta

Alberta's agricultural sector provides ample opportunities for career growth and advancement. Whether you are interested in becoming a farm supervisor, starting your farm, or pursuing a specialized role in agriculture, Alberta offers the resources and support to help you achieve your career goals.

This includes Alberta’s Green Certificate Program. This is an apprenticeship-style training program used for teaching specialized agricultural skills in, among others:

  • Beekeeper production,
  • Dairy production,
  • Greenhouse production,
  • Poultry production, and
  • Sheep and swine production.

Having this certificate unlocks doors to career opportunities and promotion due to the credibility it grants you as a skilled agricultural worker.

Job Security as a Farm Worker in Alberta

Alberta’s farming industry is robust and resilient, offering job security for farm workers. According to Invest Alberta, the province's agricultural sector contributes 10.2 billion CAD to Canada’s National GDP and employs 69,000 Albertans.

This makes agriculture one of the country’s leading employers. Furthermore, the province's 41,505 farms account for 21.9% of all Canadian farms, making Alberta one of the most productive and densely concentrated agricultural provinces in Canada, according to Canada’s Job Bank.

All these statistics contribute to the Albertan agricultural sector's high job security. Lastly, Alberta’s general unemployment rate of 5.7%, according to Alberta’s provincial government, places it among the lowest in Canada, further increasing your possibility of securing long-term employment.

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Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Farmers in Alberta

If you have dreams of starting your own farm or agricultural business, Alberta is the perfect place to turn those dreams into reality. The province offers a supportive environment for entrepreneurial farmers, with access to resources, financing options, and a strong network of agricultural organizations.

If you want to capitalize on entrepreneurial farming opportunities in Alberta, you can use the following Alberta Advantage Immigration Programs (AAIP) streams to gain permanent residency in Alberta. The streams include the:

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How Can I Work in Alberta's Farming Industry?

If you are interested in working in Alberta's farming industry, there are two main programs you can explore: the Agriculture Worker Stream and the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP).

Agriculture Worker Stream

You can apply for the Agricultural Stream if your Canadian employer was unable to hire Canadian citizens and permanent residents to fill vacant agricultural jobs.

Please Note

Before applying for this stream, make sure your Canadian employer produces specific agricultural commodities within the on-farm primary agricultural sector.

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Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)

If you’re from Mexico or a participating Caribbean country, you can apply for the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP). The SAWP is a TFWP that allows employers in the agricultural sector to hire foreign workers for seasonal farm jobs.

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What Other Provinces Are Best for Farm Jobs in Canada?

While Alberta is regarded as one of the best provinces for farm jobs in Canada, other provinces also offer excellent opportunities in the agricultural sector. Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island are among the provinces known for their thriving farming industries, according to Canada’s Job Bank.

Is it Easy to Find a Farm Job in Alberta?

Finding a farm job in Alberta can be both rewarding and challenging. The demand for farm workers is high, particularly during peak seasons. Networking, researching job boards, and contacting agricultural associations can enhance your chances of finding a farm job in Alberta.

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