Work and Study in Canada

Thousands of students choose to study in Canada every year. In this slideshow, we discuss the best reasons to study in Canada, as well as the possibilities of working while completing your studies.

There are many highly rated universities and colleges across the country, offering international students many opportunities to enjoy a multi-cultural and exciting study experience.

While you study, why not get experience in your field of study as an intern. This provides the opportunity for students to learn the ropes, while networking and building a strong CV for after graduation.

Studying and working has never been easier, with students earning money by applying to work on or off campus as waiters, barristers and office workers.

There are many universities that encourage students to get jobs while studying in Canada. This is sometimes a prerequisite for certain degrees with thousands of students interning at multi-national companies close to the universities.

Many international students find that they love living in Canada and want to make this country their new home. Post-graduate work permit allows immigrants to gain valuable work experience after graduating, preparing them to transition from temporary to permanent residence.

If you are able to speak English or French, you will have a better chance in qualifying for these visa programs.

How to work and study in Canada