Canada day

Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is an important date on the Canadian calendar as it marks the enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867. Commonly known as ‘Canada’s birthday’, the national holiday is celebrated every first of July and is a federal statutory holiday. Because Canada Day falls in the summer season, most schools have already been closed and, following suit, all businesses are also closed on this day.

The holiday is celebrated all over the country and hosts a range of fun events and activities to keep the people of Canada entertained. Because the holiday is so widespread, roads are often closed and there are free modes of transport available to those looking to join in the live celebrations.

On this day, citizens of Canada join in patriotism and wave their national flags in true Canadian pride. Others choose to paint their faces in the national colours and dress up to show their love for the country.

All over the country, there will be live events such as parades, concerts and large festivals to commemorate Canada’s birthday. Ottawa – which is the capital city of Canada – hosts a special high-spirited celebration in Rideau Street and pedestrians are welcome to visit any of the official memorial sites for free. These sites include Parliament Hill, Major’s Hill Park and at the Canadian Museum of History.

In other parts of the country like Quebec, the first of July marks the start of the new home lease in most cases. This means that on this day, most people find themselves relocating to different homes within the province and thus the day was also dubbed ‘Moving Day’.

Newfoundland and Labrador generally celebrate the day in remembrance of the many lives lost in the Newfoundland Regiment on the first day of the Battle of the Somme during World War I. July the first is therefore also known as ‘Memorial Day’ as it commemorates the past events and hosts special memorial services at cenotaphs (war memorials).

In the spirit of Canada Day, the youth in the country have also chosen to show their love for the country’s history, culture, and identity by expressing it through various modes of art, photography and creative writing in the Canada Day Challenge. Winners have already been announced and their works are showcased on the official government website here.

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