Celebrate Spring in Canada

Spring in Canada begins on the west coast as early as February while the rest of the country still sees the rest of the snow melting away until April. However, the official start date for spring is the 21st of March when the first flowers begin to blossom and a lot of wildlife comes out of hibernation. There are so many exciting things that happen during this season which are sure to exceed your expectations of how varied the climate really is in Canada.

If you’re considering immigration, make sure to visit Canada with a Canadian Tourist Visa to help you make your final decision. Take part in some exciting activities, get a taste for local tradition and find out what makes each province and territory special. By exploring the different cities and landscapes, you’ll learn that not only is the springtime warmer than you think, but the people are too.

Traditional Gatherings

Celebrate spring in Canada with flower festivals.

Canada has many traditions that each citizen treasures because of how it keeps the different communities connected. We’ve listed some of our favourite springtime activities and festivals that help to grow these traditions during the changing of the seasons.

While many know about the popular festivals such as the New France Festival in Québec that celebrates their linguistic roots, there are many others that focus on the natural produce and vegetation that makes spring in Canada so special.

Maple Syrup Festival

There are several Maple Syrup Festivals that take place all over Canada but the most popular ones are in Ontario where you’ll find the largest maple festival in the world which takes place over the course of a single day. Otherwise, head to Prince Edward Island for some more sugary treats and games!

Canadian Tulip Festival

From the 10th to the 20th of May, you can attend the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa. Celebrating a historic gift of tulips from the Netherlands, the festival honours them as an international symbol of friendship and peace. Attended by over 65, 000 people, you’re in for a week of music, art and colourful arrays of flowers.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Enjoy an entire month of festivities at the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival when you visit Canada this spring. There are over 45, 000 cherry trees in Vancouver, originating from Japan. Take part in guided biking and walking or opt to picnic under the large trees in one of the city’s many parks.

Changing Landscapes & New Activities

See a fox during spring in Canada.

Spring in Canada wouldn’t be complete with all the activities that the warmer weather begins to allow for. Do as the locals do and join in on all the fun that happens in the lush natural expanses which make up most of Canada. Head through to Victoria Island to witness baby black bears, see a seal pup in northern Canada or journey to the woods for a glimpse of some young foxes, born between March and May each year.

As the ice begins to melt up north, the cities begin to change their colours to reflect the greenery of the surrounds. Apart from being able to walk down the street with a lighter jacket on, you’ll also be able to spot a whole array of newborn wildlife in Canada’s wilderness.

Hike the Rockies

Now that the ice has cleared from the mountainside, it’s the perfect time to venture to the Canadian Rockies. You can hop on a train (like the Rocky Mountaineer) that weaves through mountain passes with breathtaking views before finding somewhere to set up camp.

Try going for a day-trip to Floe Lake, a shorter trek that overlooks a glassy lake and stunning alpine forests or go for the road less-travelled on Piper Pass where you’ll witness Elbow Lake and serene mountain passes that suit the more seasoned hiker.

Canoe Along the Mackenzie River

The Mackenzie River is not only special for its sightings of lesser-seen birdlife but also because it’s the longest river system in Canada. In fact, around seven percent of the river’s fresh water flows into the Arctic Ocean every year.

Something magical to do in springtime when the waters begin to rush again is to canoe down the length of it. You can decide how far you want to go with many guided canoeing trips taking you out for several days where you can camp on the banks and see more of Canada as you paddle.

Skip Rocks at the Beach

Something that is not known by many visitors to Canada is that the country actually has beautiful beaches. Spring in Canada brings with it especially picturesque mornings with crisp sea air and golden sunrises.

Just on the edge of the actual ocean, go and see the Hopewell Rocks in the Rocks Provincial Park where ancient formations carved by the waves tower overhead. Otherwise, for a real maritime experience, head to Prince Edward Island, home to Thunder Cove Beach and other sleepy seaside wonders.

Canadian Tourist Visa

Spring in Canada starts to become sunnier.

In order to visit Canada with your family, you’ll need to apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa. This allows you to enter the country for a set period of time on vacation before returning home again. You can apply to take your whole family with you but you will need to create applications for dependent children and your spouse. This is a marvellous way to explore the country first if you’re thinking of ways to immigrate to Canada.

What You’ll Need:

  • A valid passport with two blank pages available
  • Children’s unabridged birth certificate (if accompanying)
  • Biometric screening at the embassy in your country of origin
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of funds

You may also be exempt from having to acquire a Canadian tourist visa if you are from one of the countries recognized as such by the Canadian government. Something else to consider (even if you are exempt), is that children need extra documentation to travel if they are not of age for a passport. There are also special rules when travelling with a child of which you are not the parent or from whose other parent you are separated/divorced. You can find out more information about this from us or your local Canadian embassy.

How Can We Help?

Consultants at work

Our service helps you through the process of applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa by helping you gather the correct documents, find your nearest embassy and give you the best chance of being approved.

We make use of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) who are able to take things a step further by applying to immigrate to Canada. There are over 70 different programs available as well as time constraints to consider, so if it’s immigration that you’re considering, a consultant’s professional advice is your best path towards achieving permanent residence in Canada

Sign up with us today to begin your journey to Canada. Whether it’s a Canadian Tourist Visa that you’re after or you’re looking to relocate permanently through one of the available immigration programs, we are here to help.