Cost of Living in Canada for 1 Month

Before you give any thought to immigrating to a country, it is necessary to research whether you can afford to live in it. While Canada is ranked as one of the best countries to live in, cities like Vancouver, the 93rd most expensive city to live in globally, does come at a price. However, Canada has 13 provinces and territories to choose from, many of which is very affordable for just about anyone, more so if you can secure a job in Canada.

If you have immigrated to another country before or did your research about how to do it, you will know that there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of and consider before you can make plans to move to the Great White North. Ranking among the top ten countries for safety and quality of life globally, the cost of living in Canada for 1 month surely made the list of interesting searches in your Internet browser recently.

While everyone loves to look at the prices of travel, rent, food, and basic living in Canada, we have compiled a list of expenses for one month for you, along with a list of the most affordable cities to live in.

Now, just because Canada neighbours the United States, it does not mean that it is as expensive or out of reach to live in. In fact, it is actually cheaper to live in Canada than in cities in the U.S. Apart from this fact, you will find that because of the big difference in prices from one Canadian province to another, there is something that suits everyone’s pocket.

Is Canada an Affordable Country to Live in?

The cost of living in Canada for 1 month for the average Canadian family requires them to have a weekly earning salary of C$1,000. This is not an amount that you have to aspire to reach per week to live comfortably in Canada, but it is a good goal to have that will ensure that you can live your best life and enjoy the country as other residents do. Of course, you can earn much less than this amount and still live comfortably, depending on the province you choose to live in and your choice of lifestyle.

The definition of ‘’living comfortably’’ refers to earning enough money to buy all of the things you and your family need, and to still have money and time for leisure activities, such as going out, taking up some hobbies, and planning a holiday in Canada once or a few times a year. With this, you also have to save some money to ensure that you are ready for anything in case of an emergency, losing your job, or taking a new opportunity.

Canadian provinces

Average Cost of Living for 1 Month in Canadian Cities
CitySingle personFamily of four
Toronto, ONC$3,551C$6,144
Vancouver, BCC$3,445C$5,955
Ottawa, ONC$2,822C$5,329
Montreal, QCC$2,384C$4,799
Calgary, ABC$2,449C$5,110
Halifax, NSC$2,377C$4,698
Quebec City, QCC$1,871C$4,126

As seen in the table above, as a single person, you can live with as little as C$1,871 in Quebec City, but you can also pay up to C$3,551 in Toronto, the most popular city in Canada. While you can live as a family of four in Quebec City for C$4,126, you will have to earn C$6,144 to sustain yourself and your family in Toronto. With about a C$2,000 difference, where you live makes a big difference.

The great thing about immigrating to Canada with your family, is that there is an opportunity to share the cost with your spouse or common-law partner, which obviously, makes life in Canada a much more affordable option.

If you are planning to move to Canada, but have a tight budget or just want to save some money, you can also consider some of the cheapest cities to live in, which will surely aid in how comfortable you would like to live with less.

Rent of the Top 5 Cheapest Canadian Cities to Live in for 1 Month
CityAverage Monthly Cost
1. Sault STE. Marie, ONC$1,000
2. Rimouski, QCC$800
3. Timmins, ONC$700
4. Quesnel, BCC$850
5. Abbotsford, BCC$600 - C$1200

Your Expenses for 1 Month

Rent (Monthly)
1 Bedroom (in City Centre)C$1,338.20
1 Bedroom (Outside City Centre)C$1,123.75
3 Bedrooms (in City Centre)C$2,166.95
3 Bedrooms (Outside City Centre)C$1,827.06

Utilities (Monthly)
Basic (Electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage)C$164.46
Local 1 minute Prepaid Mobile TariffC$0.34 (Not monthly)
Internet (Unlimited data, Cable/ ADSL)C$78.99

Local transport (One-way ticket)C$3.25
Local transport (Monthly pass)C$90.00
Taxi start (Normal tariff)C$4.00
Taxi 1km (Normal tariff)C$2.00
Taxi 1 hour waiting (Normal tariff)C$34.00
Gasoline (1 liter)C$1.17

The cost of food per person for 1 month in Canada is on average C$214.00

Tip: How to save money on food in Canada

  • Buy generic branded food instead of name brands
  • Make a grocery list and stick to it
  • Eat fresher foods compared to fast food or takeaways
  • Shop at grocery stores or markets that offer discounts
  • Get some discount grocery store cards
  • Request coupons from local manufacturers and use them
  • Match prices from different stores
  • Buy long-lasting goods in bulk
  • Make a weekly budget with a monthly minimum target and stick to it

General Food Items
Milk (1 liter)C$2.46
Fresh bread loafC$2.94
Rice (1kg)C$3.72
Eggs (12)C$3.54
Cheese (1kg)C$12.87
Chicken fillets (1kg)C$13.37
Beef round (1kg)C$14.99
Bananas (1kg)C$1.72
Apples (1kg)C$4.19
Oranges (1kg)C$4.07
Potatoes (1kg)C$2.83
Tomatoes (1kg)C$4.37
Onions (1kg)C$2.67
Lettuce headC$2.56
Water (1.5 liter))C$2.15

Other General Expenses and Activities
Fitness ClubC$51.17
Dining outC$18.00 - C$35.00 (per person)
Cinema (1 ticket)C$14.00
Preschool/ Kindergarten (Full day per month, per child)C$988.56
Private Primary School (1 child)C$14,028.60

Please note: All public schools are free and offer the same curriculum as private schools. Healthcare and hospitalization, including doctor’s visits, are also free and get paid for by the Canadian government through taxes. The taxes that you pay to the government depends on the salary you earn:

Tax (Annually)
Federal Income TaxTotal
C$48,535 or less15%
C$48,535 - C$97,06920.5%
C$97,069 - C$150,47326%
$150,473 - C$214,36829%
C$214,368 or more33%

Man calculating costs (1)

Find a Job that Can Help You Keep Up with Your Canadian Lifestyle

After looking at all the costs involved to live in Canada, it is understandable why the Canadian government prefers that everybody that wishes to immigrate first gets a job in Canada.

This is something that, in most cases, isn’t optional when you show interest to move to an economically-driven first-world country, such as Canada. Many people want to live in this incredibly beautiful and rich country because they have the ambition and hope to further their careers. Since job security in Canada is almost a given if you have the skills and credentials to support your applications because the country is seeking to hire foreign skilled professionals in many industries, a lot of people are attracted to Canada.

It is also with good reason because the average salary in Canada is C$59,822 per year. This is only an average salary. In fact, the Canadian government is so dedicated to giving their residents the most that they can, that people who live in what is considered rural areas in Canada, make an average of C$35,000 to C$45,000 per year. Some of the highest paying jobs can reach annual salaries of over C$100,000.

While the cost of living in Canada is slightly higher than most countries on average in the world, by working in Canada, you can most definitely afford it.

If you are interested in finding out how to immigrate to Canada to live in the province of your choice and get the job of your dreams, you can get in touch with a registered Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).