Most Eco-friendly Provinces in Canada

Canada is known as a world leader when it comes to addressing issues like climate change as well as ensuring that citizens continue to live in a healthy environment that supports the needs of them and their families. Through several initiatives, the country’s different provinces and territories have all begun their own individual initiatives in the hopes of bringing about a positive impact on life in Canada.

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In terms of immigration, there are a lot of openings growing in the energy sector (especially renewable energy) across the country while many internationals are seeking to live in safe and unpolluted surrounds. There are several ways to immigrate with the most popular route for settling in a specific area being the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Applicants will find the details of each below (apart from Québec which has its own rules), with every province/territory offering different benefits to potential newcomers. Read on to discover which of these regions end up on top when it comes to going green.

Measuring Eco-Friendliness

These eco-friendly provinces make for a better life in Canada.

The overall green rating and environmental health of each province is recorded by the Green Provinces Report Card, created by a company called Corporate Knights. They have done a study to find ways of measuring this with the following categories (which add up to 100 points) being explored for each province/territory.

Eco Categories

  1. Air & Climate
  2. Water
  3. Nature
  4. Transportation
  5. Waste
  6. Energy, Buildings, Innovation

A maximum of 10 bonus points is awarded for green policies, regulations and other such programs. Interestingly, the province with the most bonus points is Ontario which gained an extra 7 for its different initiatives. For example, did you know, Calgary in Alberta is the only city in North America where the trains are completely run by wind energy?

British Columbia - 83

These eco-friendly provinces make for a better life in Canada.

The province of British Columbia prides itself on the restoration of its older Victorian buildings while cultivating lush parklands and adopting a farm to table attitude when it comes to its product supply. The capital city, Victoria, is known as the “City of Gardens” and has plenty of bike lanes for commuting. One in 10 residents of the city also walks to work while its other cities like Vancouver get 93% of their electricity from sustainable sources.

British Columbia PNP
Skills Immigration
  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Health Care Professional Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • International Post-Graduate Category
Express Entry British Columbia
  • Express Entry BC: Skilled Worker Category
  • Express Entry BC: Health Care Professional Category
  • Express Entry BC: International Graduate Category
  • Express Entry BC: International Post-Graduate Category
Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Entrepreneur Immigration Category
  • Entrepreneur Immigration — Regional Pilot
  • Strategic Projects Category

Prince Edward Island - 81

These eco-friendly provinces make for a better life in Canada.

With the Green Party as their second-biggest politically supported body, Prince Edward Island (PEI) paves the way for sustainable development in Canada. Residents are big supporters of wind and solar energy while they aim to implement innovations from other cultures and groups, creating a diverse outlook on the future.

PEI PNP Express Entry
Labour Impact Category
  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Critical Worker Stream
  • International Graduate Stream
Business Impact Category
  • Work Permit Stream
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Québec - 73

These eco-friendly provinces make for a better life in Canada.

This French-speaking province is made up of hundreds of parks and gardens with 27% of its residents in its most populous city, Montreal, taking public or sustainable transport to get to work. Looking at its capital, Québec City, 94% of residents are close to a park or green space. The province of Québec is not part of the PNP but has its own immigration policies and rules that can help you start a life in Canada.

Ontario - 69

These eco-friendly provinces make for a better life in Canada.

The capital city of Toronto in Ontario, a favourite with immigrants looking to start a new life in one of the biggest centres. 30% of residents state that they never drive to work, meaning that they either walk or use a sustainable means of transport. The province also emphasizes the importance of youth education when it comes to the environment with several programs in place to make it part of the school curriculum.

Ontario PNP
Human Capital Category
  • Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Ontario Express Entry: French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream
  • Masters Graduate Stream
  • PhD Graduate Stream
Employer Job Offer Category
  • Foreign Worker Stream
  • International Student Stream
  • In-Demand Skills Stream
Business Category
  • Entrepreneur Stream
  • Corporate Stream

Manitoba - 62

These eco-friendly provinces make for a better life in Canada.

Filled with 20th-century architecture, Manitoba’s capital, Winnipeg, has taken control of its environmental future by regulating recycling and increasing efforts to protect its lakes. They also have walk-bike projects that encourage residents to find a sustainable way to navigate the city through various bike paths and walking trails.

Manitoba PNP
Skilled Worker in Manitoba
  • Manitoba Work Experience Pathway
  • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
Skilled Worker Overseas
  • Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
  • Human Capital Pathway
Business Investor Stream (formerly MPNP-B)
  • Farm Investor Pathway
  • Entrepreneur Pathway
Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative
International Education Stream
  • Career Employment Pathway
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • Student Entrepreneur Pathway

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