The 5 Best cities to visit in Canada on Vacation

Canada is an exciting country, filled to the brim with activities that will entertain all types of visitors. Whether you enjoy wining and dining, getting outdoors or taking a road trip to somewhere exotic, Canada has it all! We have highlighted the top 10 best cities to visit on your next trip to Canada, and believe us when we say that this is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

1. Vancouver, British Columbia

shoreline of Vancouver city during the day

Labelled as the Manhattan of Canada (just with mountains), Vancouver is THE place to be. This liquid city has it all, a thriving metropolis with some of the best restaurants and shopping out there, as well as a mesmerizing waterfront and, only 30 minutes’ drive away, the ski slopes.

We recommend adding Stanley Park to your itinerary and taking a full day to explore the many attractions available. Over 8 million people visit the park every year, but this is so much more than a park.

The endless stretch of beaches can be reached along the Seawall which is a 28km pathway along the coast and leads to Canada’s largest aquarium, water park and miniature railway.

See the forests of Vancouver from an entirely new height with a trip along the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. This park is made up of a suspension bridge which stretches 450 feet (137m) across and is suspended 230 feet (70m) above Capilano River. While this may seem daunting, wait till you see the Cliffwalk which is a narrow walk which juts out from the cliff face above the river. At some points, there is only glass to separate you from the drop below.

Why limit yourself to only a few food stalls when you can join the foodie train and get a gourmet tour through the best that Vancouver has to offer? Foodie tours will have you enjoying some food and wine/beer pairings across the city, tasting everything from sushi, to cheese and chocolate.

2. Banff, Alberta

moutain range in Alberta spring

Experience the fun of a Swiss ski resort, while only driving a few hours outside of Calgary to the Canadian Rockies. As one of the most protected and loved areas of Canada, Banff is a small town situated in a scenic valley and surrounded by glacier-fed lakes and towering mountain ranges. Summer brings about warm summer days that just beg visitors to enjoy a cycle or hike along the Spray River. The best views though, come from the top of Sulphur Mountain, so grab a gondola ride up and enjoy a drink at the top while taking in the beauty of Banff.

3. Whistler, British Columbia

summit of mountain peak

Whistler has become a popular tourist destination, especially well-known for its skiing and snowboarding. Just two hours outside of Vancouver, Whistler is every outdoorsman’s dream, but it also offers fantastic food and world-class spa facilities for those who prefer to stay indoors. There are too many incredible sights and activities to mention, but some of the highlights are the spectacular hikes that wind their way through the Blackcomb Mountains, the helicopter sight-seeing tours and the gondola rides that run from one mountain peak to another. Whistler is for families, couples and individuals who want to experience something new.

4. The Yukon

Aurora Borealis lights in the winter sky

This is a province of Canada but it just can’t be left off of this list. Roughly larger than the state of California in the United States, the area is vast but underpopulated. That means that there are long stretches of very little other than the impressive landscapes, wildlife and coastal shorelines.

Tourists visit this slice of paradise due to the Northern Lights. For those that don’t know, these lights are an awe-inspiring display of neon colors that appear as if painted in the night sky. You can spend hours just watching the lights as they dance across the sky, which is why so many people choose to camp there.

The uninhabited Yukon is the best place to view the best in Canadian wildlife which includes caribou, grizzly bears and wolves. Spotting these animals in their natural habitat is a true privilege.

5. Winnipeg, Manitoba

The city of Winnipeg at night, Manitoba

You may know Winnipeg as Winnie the Pooh’s home, but it is also a beautiful location for a relaxing vacation. The locals love to spend time at Assiniboine Park, an attraction that offers sight-seeing, dining, wildlife and live music amongst many other activities. Explore the zoo, a favorite for any age and home to over 150 species of exotic and Canadian furry and feathered friends.

Winnipeg is also a favorite among art and theatre lovers. History enthusiasts will love the famous Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, which celebrates the most famous of planes and engineering over the past 100 years. The Manitoba Museum is perfect for the entire family, with over 2.6 million artifacts to see and enjoy, plus many people don’t know that the museum is featured in the Guinness World Records as a top fossil research facility.

Though Toronto and Quebec are some of the best cities in Canada, why not try something a little different and venture into the great unknown of Yukon or reach the treetops in Vancouver.