Canadian Immigration Programs and Provinces That Welcome the Most Immigrants

Canada is constantly looking for new ways to boost its workforce with talented workers and it does this through a number of Canadian immigration programsdesigned to attract the right workers with the right set of skills.

To improve your application chances, it is best to know which provinces and territories in Canada are on the lookout for the most skilled foreign workers in the country.

Canada has released its new immigration targets for 2019 for how many applicants it wants for each visa program.

Here you can discover some of the biggest Canadian immigration programs in the country.

Canada’s Immigration Targets for 2019
Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class81,400
Economic Pilot Programs and Caregivers14,000
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program2,000
Start Up Visa and Self Employment Visa Program700
Provincial Nominee Program61,000
Quebec Skilled Workers and Business23,700
Family Sponsorship for Spouses, Partners, Children, Parents and Grandparents85,500

Which Provinces Have Allowed the Most Immigrants to Move to Canada?

sunset in Ontario, Canada


According to a report by Statista from 2017, one of the most popular choices with the highest level of immigration numbers is the province of Ontario. 98,409 people made this province their permanent home in 2017.

Last year, the province accounted for over 40% of new immigrants making it one of the top desired destinations by immigrants to date.

The reason why Ontario has the highest immigration level is because the province is constantly creating unique Canadian immigration programs, like the Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream, which lets nominated applicants apply and qualify for immigration within two to three months!

The province also offers some great post landing services to make you feel right at home after you successfully qualify. One of the programs used by the province is called the Ontario Bridge Training Program, which offers support and training to help you get a trade licence or even the perfect job.

The province also has a variety of other Canadian immigration programs, like the:

  • Ontario's Express Entry French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream;
  • Masters Graduate Stream;
  • PhD Graduate Stream;
  • Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream;
  • International Student Stream;
  • In Demand Skills Streams;
  • Entrepreneur Stream; and
  • Corporate Stream

The one thing that all of these streams have in common is that they are all designed for set occupations that Ontario needs skilled workers in.

Also almost all of these streams have fast and efficient processing times of two to three months which is another reason why the province has helped so many people immigrate to Canada successfully.


Ottawa river, Quebec at sunset

It may come as a surprise to some that Quebec is the next province with the highest level of immigration in Canada. In 2017, it welcomed 53,199 permanent residents. How did it manage this? Simple, through economic programs like the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

According to CIC news, Quebec stated that they wish to issue up to 40,000 new permanent residents by 2019, 59% of which are to be done through the QSWP.

Quebec is also setting its sights on a number of business immigration programs like the Quebec Immigration Investor Program, Quebec Entrepreneur Program and the Quebec Self Employed Worker Program to attract an additional 3,200 applicants who can build successful companies in the province.

The Immigration Minister, Simon Jolin Barrete said the new immigration plan of 2019 , “will ensure that those who are admitted are better integrated into the majority French-speaking province, while ensuring employers continue to have access to skilled foreign workers.”


Canmore, Alberta

The province of Alberta is the third on our list and has one of the highest immigration levels of 44,091 permanent residents! Over half of their new residents immigrated to the province via economic programs like the:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream;
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program;
  • Alberta Express Entry; and
  • Self Employed Farmer Stream

If you want to learn more about these Canadian immigration programs, you can check out more about the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in Alberta.

British Columbia

British Columbia, Victoria, Canada

This province accounted for 35,388 permanent residents in 2017, taking the fourth place on our list. British Columbia offers a great selection of Canadian immigration programs that are specifically designed for in-demand jobs.

These programs extend from the highly skilled professionals like the Skills Immigration (SI) – Healthcare Professional category to the Skills Immigration (SI) – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled category.

Because the province wants to help maintain a young talented workforce, it also created a series of immigration programs for International graduates and post graduates who have studied in the province. Through these programs, graduates from the province are given a chance to become permanent residents of the country so long as they meet all of the requirements set out by the programs.

What Are Canada’s Immigration Goals for PNPs for 2019?

Estimates for PNPs in 2019
British Columbia6,250
Newfoundland and Labrador1,050
New Brunswick1,050
Northwest Territories250
Nova Scotia1,350
Prince Edward Island850

What Canadian Immigration Programs Can You Qualify For?

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