New Immigration Pathway For Refugees in Canada

On Monday, 27 March 2023, Canadian Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser announced the introduction of a new pathway to assist refugees and displaced individuals. Employers can access a route through the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) to recruit skilled refugees.

The EMPP gives refugees an opportunity to start over in Canada while allowing Canadian businesses to fill open positions. This summer will see the opening of the new entry route under the EMPP.

Canada’s EMPP For Refugees

The EMPP will also now take a more accommodating stance toward eligibility by permitting other displaced individuals who require foreign security and lack a long-term answer to apply.

The new policy will assist refugees find employment in the following occupations:

The registration procedure for the new route will be simpler and quicker thanks to standardized eligibility requirements, claims IRCC. There will only be a single registration that must be filed. The new program is anticipated to take 6 months to handle applications, which is similar to other programs run by the Express Entry system.

Some fees will be canceled as part of the EMPP facilitation measures, making it simpler to verify work experience, and allowing applicants to use loans to pay for travel expenses, relocation requirements, start-up costs, and fees that won't be dropped.

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Addressing Labour Shortages in Canada

In terms of the labour movement and the resettlement of refugees, Canada remains to be a worldwide leader. The government assists towns and companies in addressing labour shortfalls by welcoming qualified refugees and other displaced people to Canada. The immigration system will become more responsive to Canada's economic requirements and social obligations as changes are made to it on a continuing basis.

According to Fraser, “Canada is a global leader in helping skilled refugees connect with employers struggling to find workers in critical areas, while giving newcomers the opportunity to restart their careers and their lives here in Canada. Our government will continue to develop and scale innovative immigration measures to help employers address their critical labour shortages and provide refugees with the opportunity to live in safety while rebuilding their lives.”

In order to cover labour gaps, Canada will continue to grow the EMPP and anticipates welcoming 2,000 qualified refugees and other displaced people. Candidates may be hired by employers in any NOC group, including TEER 0 to 5 jobs.

The EMPP matches eligible displaced workers, particularly trained immigrants, with Canadian businesses who are struggling to fill critical jobs. As a result, vulnerable people can come to Canada, and businesses in the country have access to a talent pool that has yet to be fully developed, allowing them to recruit and keep workers with the skills necessary to advance our economy.

Dana Wagner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of TalentLift stated “This is a solution for every hiring team in Canada. There are many thousands of women and men living as refugees globally who have enormous talent to contribute. Why not source your future colleagues from within refugee populations? You’ll find competitive skills, adaptability and creativity. These are people you want on your team. As visas get more seamless, Canada can become the world's capital for hiring displaced talent.”

Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP)

The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) blends economic immigration and refugee relocation. Through current economic initiatives, it facilitates the immigration of skilled refugees to Canada and provides Canadian businesses with access to a new group of qualified applicants to complete work openings.

To apply for the EMPP, interested participants must first one of the following economic immigration programs:

Then complete a second application for the EMPP.

According to Bassel Ramli, Cofounder and Director of Economic Mobility at Jumpstart Refugee Talent, “We believe that the introduction of a new federal immigration pathway is a game changer for the EMPP. Simplifying the process and making it more accessible to employers across Canada is crucial to scaling up the program.”

The new route will enhance current efforts to broaden the trial. To increase their capability in crucial areas, such as finding suitable applicants abroad and assisting candidates and employers during the interview, hiring, and immigration procedures, partner groups were given additional money by the IRCC in December 2022. To make it simpler for qualified applicants to submit to the EMPP, Canada has also begun implementing a more flexible procedure with reliable partners.

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