Quebec Wants International Graduate Students to Return and Work in Canada

The Quebec government has announced its plans to invest $1.6 million in a campaign aimed at encouraging international students who have graduated to remain in the province. The “I choose Montreal” campaign will be run and managed by Montreal International, an economic and development organization, and will target university, college, and vocational students in the greater Montreal area. The campaign program has been developed in association with the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion (MIDI).   

In the press statement released by Montreal International, the program will incorporate activities such as workshops with MIDI, job fairs, and outreach. It is hoped that the program will act as a launchpad for other organizations to introduce similar programs aimed at retaining university graduates in Quebec.

To aid the success of the program, MIDI has opened two new online resources to international students in Quebec, to help with French language and community integration. There’s also a new information website that aims to assist international students and temporary residents who want to make Quebec their long-term home. 

Commenting on the initiative, Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, Kathleen Weil, said “The new initiative shows that the government of Quebec is determined to step up its efforts to get as many international students as possible to stay in Quebec, in particular the Greater Montreal area. They have a Quebec degree, speak French, and are already familiar with our society and culture. They are the best we can get and we want them to stay and help our economy grow”.

Quebec’s Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie, Christine St-Pierre, also gave backing to Mrs. Weil by saying, “encouraging international students to stay here is a strategic move that will benefit our society in many ways by raising Quebec’s international profile and strengthening our global research network. The initiative is consistent with Quebec’s future international policy”. 

A pathway to permanent residence

International graduates from Quebec institutions may apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate QSC, which will enable them to apply to the federal government for permanent residence status. The province offers a fast-track Quebec Experience Class program aimed at individuals with work experience in Quebec, or a diploma from a Quebec post-secondary institution. Through this program, eligible candidates may obtain an SQC in approximately 20 days.

For international students wanting to study in Canada, Quebec should be top of your list. The province has a renowned education system with a wide range of programs that suit every student’s needs and requirements. International students will have a safe, multicultural environment in which to study and there are interesting cities, towns, history, and even diverse languages. The people are friendly and welcoming and already have a history of immigration and settlement that makes them warm to visitors and accept their different cultural backgrounds.   

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