Things to Do in Canada Before the Snow Falls

Some call it Autumn, some call it fall. Whatever you call it, it shouldn’t be dull at all. Grab the chance to have fun before the winter comes. Yes, there are plenty of things to do in winter as well, but what can you do before the cold days come? Here are five things to do in Canada before the snow falls.

Let’s Go Out in Nature!


1. First stop: Peterborough, Ontario

The city of Peterborough is located in the province of Ontario. It is two and a half hours away from Ottawa and 90 minutes from Toronto, and it’s the perfect place for a getaway in fall.

Get lost in nature and explore the largest wilderness preserve in the south side of Algonquin, and have your pick of over 100 lakes to visit. There are plenty of cabins and B&Bs made for you and your loved ones to escape and take in the breath-taking sights that Peterborough has to offer.

If you like adventure, take a trip to the Warsaw Caves and Conservation area and discover this subterranean activity park. Don’t forget your headlamp!

You can also check out the Norwood Fall Fair. The fair has been a Thanksgiving tradition since the year 1868. This is just a short drive to the east side of Peterborough.

2: Next stop: The Canadian


See plenty of beautiful landscapes while moving. The train known as the “Canadian” is one the best journeys you can go on. You don’t have to choose one destination; simply sit back and relax while you take in beautiful views of Toronto and Vancouver over the span of 4 blissful days.

You won’t want to go home after you have snuggled up in the new deluxe sleeping cars with double beds. Picture yourself tasting the delicious meals, in a peaceful atmosphere, taking in the scenery through the wide windows.

Sounds like a dream right? Well, you can make it come true. Get to booking that ticket!

What’s waiting in Laurentians?


Food! Not only are there marvellous mountains to see as well as spas and resorts to enjoy, but this city is also famous for its food. Fall is a great time to have a taste of the gourmet food produced in this area, such as cheese, wine, sausages, ciders, maple syrup and honey.

Warm up as it gets colder, and indulge in some comfort food.

You’re probably wondering about those spas mentioned. If you want to destress or just treat yourself and feel completely relaxed, then you should visit one of the many spas around this area. These soothing spas include Nordic spas in Mont Tremblant and Inn Spas in Sainte- Adèle.

Laurentians isn’t the only place where you can expect great food. If you enjoy trying new foods then you should visit this next event.

Prince Edward Island (PEI) fall festival


This month-long festival takes place around the island and sends your taste buds on an adventure. Lobsters and oysters are the most talked about foods served at this festival, however there are plenty of different cuisines to choose from.

Unlike eating at your usual restaurant, at this festival you can dig your own clams or pick your own potatoes, or simply be served by some of the best chefs in the region.

Fall weather here is bright and clear; perfect for this tasty outdoor event.

Let’s go pumpkin picking


A great fall activity is to visit a pumpkin patch and go pumpkin picking. This is a fun thing to do with friends and family. Everyone can pick their own pumpkins and carve funny faces and patterns into them.

There are plenty of pumpkin patches across Canada. If you’re thinking of doing this fun activity, have a look at some of the places in Canada where you can visit a pumpkin patch.

  • Downey’s Farm, Ontario
  • Le Verger Labonté Orchard, Quebec
  • Chilliwack Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm, British Columbia
  • The Chuck Wagon Farm Market, Prince Edward Island
  • Eagle Creek Farms, Alberta
  • The Green Pig Country Market, New Brunswick
  • The Dill Farm, Nova Scotia

How to visit Canada

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  • Have a valid travel document
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  • Enough financial resources to support yourself on your stay in Canada
  • Be in good health
  • Be admissible to Canada

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