Top 10 Summer Activities in Canada

Although you may think that Canada is all bobsleds and no beaches, the Great White North has plenty of summer activities for couples, families and solo travellers to enjoy. Whether you’re planning a little getaway, you’re on Working Holiday, or you’d like to spend your vacation time discovering Canada’s beautiful landscape, these 10 summer activities will ensure you make the most of your time in the sun.

Hit The Beach

From coast to coast, Canada is home to spectacular beaches, some of which may be visited even in the dead of winter. Find crowded beach cities, tranquil interior lakes with warm water, ocean beaches with big waves, stretches of sand along the Great Lakes' borders, and stunning flat expanses of the East Coast.

Local beaches in provinces like Ontario and Manitoba are frequently crowded with beachgoers seeking to escape the sweltering summers in central Canada. Summer vacationers in British Columbia love to visit the soft-sand beaches that line the interior lakes, and year-round beach activities are available on the Pacific Coast. Throughout the summer, beach holidaymakers from all around Canada flock to the Atlantic Provinces.

Here are the best 5 beaches in Canada:

Visit A National Park

Canada’s natural parks are world-famous. Summer is the best time to enjoy hiking trails, camping, swimming in lakes, and admiring nature's beauty. This is truly a great way to enjoy and be a part of mother nature. Relax, take a trip with the family to any of the famous National Parks like Banff, or Jasper. Filled with great natural beauty and unique wildlife, this is a perfect way to relax and unwind from stressful city life.

Here are the best national parks to visit in Canada:

  1. Banff National Park, Alberta
  2. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia
  3. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia
  4. Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland
  5. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Try All The Watersports

What is a summer without water? Canada will allow you to experience all the joys of water-sports. Everything from white river rafting, canoeing, surfing, and wakeboarding to paddle boarding. You can truly enjoy yourself, and make some great summer memories as well. Try surging in Nova Scotia, White water rafting in British Columbia and water skiing in Alberta.

Tour Canada’s Coastline

With a series of beautiful little towns tucked away on a lovely coastline that stretches for over 200,000 km, it is a must-do. Visit places like Lunenburg in Nova Scotia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With authentic fresh seafood and towns soaked in history, it is a great way to experience Canadian coastal life, while doing fun activities like whale watching, water skiing and so much more.

Wine Tasting in Canada’s Vineyards

Visit the most famous winery areas in Canada, from the Okanagan in British Columbia to the Niagara region in Nova Scotia. If you have a love of wine, you will love these regions, which produce their own unique wine bouquets. If rest and relaxation are what you enjoy most, take a leisurely tour of Canada’s most well-known wine regions, and savour a little taste of Canada.

Explore The Natural Hot Springs

Experience the joys of natural hot springs in some of the most well known hot spots. The Liard River Hot Spring in British Columbia mixes outdoor camping and hot outdoor bathing. If you prefer to have more space to move, you can try the Banff Upper Hot Spring, with its huge pool size hot spring. Take in the panoramic view of Mt Rundle as you savour your hot soak.

Summer Music Festivals

There is a summer music festival out there for you, no matter what kind of music you like. There are festivals for every genre of music, from alternative to classic rock, country to hip-hop. Summer music festivals are the way to go if you're searching for a fantastic experience overall.

Here are the five best music festivals you can enjoy in summer

  1. Shambhala Music Festival
  2. Quebec City Summer Festival
  3. Osheaga Music & Art Festival
  4. Pop Montreal
  5. Metro Metro Festival

Take the Train

You can do a great 3-day trip from Vancouver all the way to Toronto, with stop-offs in Jasper, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Take your pick and explore Canada on the train tracks. Canadian train trips offer up a first class seat to observe Canada’s stunning landscapes at leisure. Canada is largely known for its vast expanse of lush green lands, rivers and towering mountains.

Hiking, Camping & Fishing

With tons of rivers, lakes and famous waterfalls, Canada is the perfect ground for thrill seekers looking to lose themselves in nature. If you are feeling adventurous, take a long-distance trail along the West Coast of British Columbia to the Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland or Camp out in the wilderness in Great Bear Rainforest.

With so many nature reserves, parks and protected areas in Canada, it is a must do to experience outdoor camping at least once. Take the family to any one of the over 40 national parks, and find a campsite. With so many different ecosystems from prairie, woodland, alpine to temperate rainforest, you can savour the vast differences to be found in mother nature.

If you crave a simple life, consider spending your summertime unwinding in a secluded cabin or campsite on the outskirts of Ontario. Many of these open grounds are perfect for rest and relaxation and you may even pick up some helpful pastimes like fishing.

If you enjoy a day out by the waterside, then there is nothing quite like fishing to soothe your soul. Take a drive out to places like the Annapolis river, that stretch for over 120 miles. This fishing spot is a great way to catch both fresh and saltwater fish for your dinner, an awesome way to enjoy nature, and have a relaxing moment for yourself.

With the majority of the country covered in natural vegetation, you will not run out of places to explore, if you love to hike through nature. Take your pick from any of the trails, from the Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland to the West Coast Trail in British Columbia.

Enjoy The Big City

Summer in the city feels different! Nothing says cosmopolitan better than Canada’s vibrant cities in the summer. Each with their own charm and exciting sites to offer, Canada has something to feed any traveller’s wanderlust from east to west. Visit Quebec or Montreal and indulge in the rich cultures while you walk through the aged streets and take in some of the most breathtaking historical structures or visit some of the famous theatre houses in Stratford.

Take Me To Canada

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What is the most popular summer activity in Canada?

There are many outdoor activities taking place when the weather is at its best, including paddling on lakes or hiking in the mountains. However, the summer is also a fantastic time to visit cities because there are more people around, more festivals, and other activities.

Does Canada have beaches?

But Canada has some of the most stunning, interesting, and just amazing beaches from coast to coast. Even if they don't have palm trees, they more than make up for it with other features like unexpectedly warm seas, sand dunes, cold-water surfing, and more.

How long does it take to get a visitor’s visa to Canada?

It may take two to four weeks, maybe even longer. Only when the Canadian authorities have received your entire application will your visa start to be processed. The processing period will be extended if they require you to deliver more documentation.