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Meet the Experts: David Allon

Updated: January 13th, 2023

David Allon is an accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a leading authority on Canadian immigration. With a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Government, a Diploma in European Studies, and an immigration law certification, David’s knowledge base of immigration protocols is second to none.

He also has personal experience with immigrating to Canada and has helped hundreds of people get their Canadian visas and permanent residency during his time as an RCIC.

Canada provides a relaxed lifestyle, fantastic business opportunities and beautiful nature, but for David, what truly makes Canada great is the constantly growing and evolving mix of cultures. As an immigrant, David knows how important having someone knowledgeable assisting you in your immigration process is.

As an RCIC, David will evaluate your credentials and help you find the perfect permanent residency or visa program for your skills and experience. He will help you with every major step of the immigration process by ensuring you have all the documentation and complete all the necessary processes. He can even represent you with certain immigration authorities.

His knowledge and experience will ensure your immigration process goes as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, for David, the most important thing is that you go through the immigration process that’s right for you.

Meet the Experts: David Allon

Q&A With David:

What initially attracted you to Canada, and what made you decide to move there?

The lifestyle is much more relaxed, the business opportunities in the Canadian market, and most importantly, the fantastic nature that exists here.

Which province did you decide to settle in, and what about that province made it work best for you?

I went to British Columbia because of the warmer weather.

Under which program did you immigrate to Canada, and what did you learn from that process?

My parents arrived in Canada with me as a small child on a skilled worker program. It was a long process and waiting, but once we arrived, we were happy. The only thing that took time was to build a community around us.

How does one become an RCIC? What qualifications/ certifications do you need?

An RCIC needs to have a min of a Bachelor's degree and pass an IELTS test with a high score. Then today, you need to do a 2-year immigration law certificate program and pass a licensing test at the end.

Why did you become an RCIC, and how do you feel it benefits potential immigrants the most?

I became an RCIC because I come from a family of immigrants, and I experienced as a child the importance of having someone knowledgeable assisting you in your immigration process. I love the mix of cultures in Canada, which is one of the main things that make Canada great.

How many people have you helped get visas/ permanent residency to Canada, and what have you learnt from helping others with their journey to Canada?

I have helped hundreds of people get work permits and study permits with my team. Dozens of those got PRs over the years.

What advice would you give to someone looking to immigrate to Canada who has no idea where to start?

Think properly about the best pathway for you. And sometimes, even if it looks like a longer one, it could be the better way to ensure you get the best chances to get the PR.

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