The best paying jobs for students in Canada

In between semester classes and summer holidays, students have a lot of time on their hands. Many college and university students use this time to earn money on the side, gain experience, interact and create networks, or at least make sure that they can afford that latest smartphone or sneakers. Jobs for college students and the like are popular and readily available across the different provinces in Canada. We take a closer look at which jobs pay top dollar for University and college students in Canada.

Investor Relations

Yes, it comes as a bit of a surprise as it is considered a post below public relations, but IR has become a very popular part time job for college students, as employers love their extroverted and outgoing personalities. It is a fantastic, stylish and truly enjoyable job that involves wining and dining with potential investors, attending hospitality conferences and having power lunches with the who’s who of the corporate world in Canada. This is a well-paying job that will earn you C$50 an hour, and depending on how professional you are, students can earn even more than that.

Bartender or Waitress

One of the most popular and common jobs among college students that has never really lost its allure and appeal, this is undoubtedly among the best-paying jobs for students in Canada. Although the hours are not particularly conducive, it a fun filled job that pays up to C$15 an hour and some students have been known to earn as much as C$450 a night in tips alone.

Dog Walker

Although it doesn’t quite have a glamorous ring to it, if you are a college student looking to make some serious money on the side, it is a job not to be frowned upon and worth taking on. Dog walkers earn an estimated C$25-30 for a two-hour walk and one can be required to walk the dogs for up to three times a week. While you get paid for walking the fluffy friends, you get to improve your health and fitness too.

Commissioned sales person

Working on commission basis means you don’t earn an hourly wage or basic salary, but your pay comes from the volume of sales you are able to close and it gives you the potential to earn more than what other employees earn in a month. Commissioned sales jobs can be found in car dealer shops, electronics shops, and investment banks, and amount of pay per sale vary from firm to firm, however, the best sales personnel have been known to earn more than C$100,000 a year in commissions.


Babysitting for students in Canada can earn you C$35 an hour, and part time nannies in wealthy areas earn significantly more. There’s even the option of living with the host family as part of your earnings and it helps with rentals and house utilities.


And for those looking to have a bit of fun and entertainment this job should make you grin with excitement. You get to play and party with the kids and just focus on being an entertainer with a pay of C$40-50 a gig. Who wouldn’t want to be paid for clowning around?

Cruise ship entertainers

Cruise ship entertainers can either be singers, dancers, or stage comedians. All you have to do is keep people happy and entertained and this offers a unique opportunity to get paid to go around on cruise trips and see beautiful islands, while also doing something you love and making a name for yourself. The pay ranges from C$50-60 a trip, not including tips.

Tutor for other college students

university students chatting over coffee

A job that surprisingly not many take advantage of but for those that do, it has proved to be well worth it. If you are smart and a whiz in subjects like physics, chemistry, and math, you can earn a good wage by teaching your fellow students formulas and equations and it also improves your own learning. What you earn depends on how good you are and the best way to get clients is through word of mouth.

So next time you find yourself struggling to buy that Toronto FC football shirt for the new season or tickets to the upcoming Stanley cup final, consider some of the highest paying jobs listed above.