Guide to life as an international student

Decided to study abroad in Canada? We can assure you that you have made a great decision. Canada has so much to offer, and as a young international student, you have plenty of new and exciting discoveries to make in Canada.

Canada is a Westernized country, but you can expect to experience some unique characteristics that are exclusive to the lifestyle of Canadians.

Your first days in Canada

You have made it all the way to Canada with all of your belongings and a university acceptance letter in hand, but what happens now?

We recommend giving yourself plenty of time to settle into your new surroundings by arriving a few days before registration begins. If you are living in student accommodation, you should try to get in as early as possible.

Orientation will be the most important part of your first few days. Find the International Students office at your university and an expert will be able to take care of your registration before showing you around the campus. This is your time to ask as many questions as possible about the campus and facilities, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Before term begins, make sure you have arranged your student identification card. This personalised card will give you access to everything you need including your dorm room, library and dining hall.

When term starts

Once term starts, your life is going to get rather busy. With all of your new lectures and learning the ropes, this is also the time that social activities really begin.

This is your chance to make friends and really get into the spirit of university! Organised parties and social events are often planned by the university itself, but many dorms also plan their own private events. Meeting new people can be intimidating, but always remember that every other first-year student is in the same position as you.

One of the better ways to meet new people and learn more about your campus is to get involved in clubs, societies and sports groups. Whether you are looking for fun or you want to enrich your knowledge, there is a club for any interest at most universities.

If you are an outdoors person who is up for a challenge, immerse yourself in the Canadian way of life by taking up skiing or snowboarding! If Canada is mad for any two sports, it’s definitely curling and ice hockey. Canadians love ice hockey so much that they even have a museum dedicated to the sport.

Get a part time job

While Canada is an incredible country, it is also on the pricey side. As an international student, you will be able to work for a few hours every week according to your visa stipulations. Apply for a job at your local student café or library to earn extra money so that you can really explore your new home.

It is recommended that you gain as much work experience as you can while studying. This experience can put you in a better position to find a good job once you graduate. You can find out more about this opportunity here.

Explore Canada

The best part about studying abroad is enjoying all that a new country has to offer. One of the best aspects about Canada is that public transport is efficient and effective, which means that getting out and about is simple and affordable. Most cities in Canada also have dedicated bicycle lanes, encouraging residents to get some exercise while enjoying their time outdoors.

Students, both international and local, can enjoy an experience of a lifetime in Canada. There are so many reasons to choose Canada for your adventure abroad.

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