Busting The Biggest Myth About Moving to Canada

Canada has recently announced that it has around 80,000 job positions that need to be filled. This is encouraging for people who are already wanting to move to Canada to seek out employment opportunities. One of the most common myths about moving to Canada is that you need a job offer to make the leap. Although you do need a valid, long term job offer when you apply through some of the 70 channels of applying to move to Canada, there are others that do not require a job offer. Below, we round up the top four Provincial Nominee Programs which can get you to Canada whether you have a job offer or not.

Firstly, What is The Provincial Nominee Program?

map of Canada

The Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) was established to grant the provinces of Canada the power to establish how they manage immigration in their province. This allows the province to tailor the Express Entry program to its specific needs. For instance, if Nova Scotia is experiencing a shortage of teachers in the province, the PNP can be used to recruit teachers from abroad who want to move to Canada. The program targeted at experienced teachers will fast track the immigration applications of these Candidates. Each PNP is different, which is why some require applicants to have a valid job offer and others not. The Provincial Nominee Programs discussed below are all similar in one component- it does not list a long term permanent job offer as a prerequisite for being able to immigrate to the province.

1.British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia Skyline

This stream is for experienced entrepreneurs who intend to invest in and actively manage an eligible business in the province. In order to qualify for his stream, applicants do not require a job offer but do need to prove that they can achieve the following:

  • Establish themselves in British Columbia
  • Invest in new or existing business
  • Employ Canadian citizens or permanent residents to give significant economic benefits to the province

2.New Brunswick Labor Market Stream

Map of New Brunswick

Eligibility for this stream of the New Brunswick PNP does not include a job offer, but does include the following:

  • Meet the minimum language requirements
  • A secondary school diploma in line with Canadian standards
  • Have at least one years work experience in a job listed by the National Occupation Classification (NOC)
  • Be between the ages of 22 and 55
  • Prove financial means to support yourself and dependents, even if they are not accompanying you on your move to New Brunswick
  • Commit to living and working in New Brunswick exclusively

3.Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream

Skyline of Ontario

The Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream is great because you can use it to apply to move to Ontario even without a job offer. However, there are some other requirements and they are listed as follows:

  • Sufficient work experience
  • Have a bachelor's degree or above
  • Have obtained a language score of above 7 in either English or French
  • Intend to live and work in Ontario exclusively
  • Prove that you have the financial means to support both yourself and your dependents

4. Saskatchewan Long-Haul Truck Driver Project

This stream of Saskatchewan PNP is targeted at truck drivers. It allows trucking firms to bring long-haul truck drivers to Saskatchewan on what is initially a temporary foreign worker permit. Following a period of at least six months, the firm can grant permanent worker status to the driver.

How We Can Help You to Move to Canada Without a Job Offer

It may be good news to hear that it is possible to move to Canada without a job offer, but you might not know where to start and that's where we come in. Through the help of our professional and experienced RCIC’s at MDC, you can asses your eligibility, and have someone walk you through every step of the application process once you make the decision that you would like to move to Canada. Looking at the entire application process could feel quite daunting, but it's important to take this one step at a time. Take your first step to living your Canadian dream today.