How to Tell if A Canadian Visa Site is Legitimate

We all know that with every legitimate Canadian Visa site out there, there are thousands of masterful scam artists who will take any opportunity to steal valuable time, money, and the dreams of hopeful Canadian immigration applicants, but how can you tell if your chosen consultant or agency is fake or real?

There have been many reports and accusations online about how, as well as other reputable immigration companies, are fraud or ”scum” sites, and today, we’d like to set the record straight and answer some of the questions that some of our prospective clients regularly ask us. No hidden agendas. No sales pitch, just absolute transparency.

We’d like to give you the tools you need to be able to tell the difference between what is a scam and what is real and to encourage anyone who suspects that they are being tricked or misrepresented, to report this to the Canadian government. So let's take a closer look at some of your concerns and how to address them when deciding on whether or not you need an immigration representative and, if so, how to be sure that you have chosen the right agency or consultant to handle your Canadian Visa application. 

Is a Scam or a Real Website?

Is CanadianVisa a legitimate site-how to tell

Short answer? Yes. We work with two government trusted immigration consultants from MDC who have years of experience working in Canadian immigration as well as personal experience with the Canadian immigration process, making them more than qualified to handle your immigration application. But don’t take our word for it. You can check our credibility in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1: Visit the ICCRC website

The ICCRC or Immigration Consultants Of Canada Regulatory Council was created to regulate all Canadian immigration consultants and protect anyone who chooses to use immigration services by ensuring that all procedures, policies, and practices are adhered to according to the rule and regulations of the Canadian Government.

In order to become a registered member, all RCICs or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants undergo rigorous training and examinations to ensure that only the highest standards are met.

Step 2: Enter Your RCIC Registration Number

To ensure that your chosen immigration consultant is, in fact, a member, all you have to do is enter their name and/or registration number and hit enter to confirm that they are in fact registered with the ICCRC but also are in good standing with the Canadian government, or in other words have not done anything that goes against the rules and regulations. 

Meet our Regulated Representatives

Screenshot of David Allon and Jaehyun “Jimmy” Park RCICs | Canadian visa consultant

David Allon

David Allon is a highly qualified and accredited RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, who holds numerous qualifications, including a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Government, and a Diploma in European Studies. He also has years of Canadian immigration experience and has had the privilege to help thousands of visa applicants make their Canadian dream a reality.

Jaehyun “Jimmy” Park

Jimmy immigrated to Canada through the British Columbia Skilled Worker Program after completing his Bachelor’s Degree of English Literature from the Korea National University of Transportation in Chungu and Master’s Degree of English Education at Kyonggi University in South Korea. He has extensive knowledge of Canadian immigration policies and is passionate about helping others live their Canadian dream by assisting them through the application process.

As you can see, both of our RCICs are highly qualified and experienced and the truth is that no immigration professional would associate themselves with a fake or “scum” site and run the risk of jeopardizing their accreditation or reputation after investing years of hard work and dedication in their professions. Would you? 

Step 3: Consult Online Reviews

Not only do we work with government trusted RCICs, but our immigration services have been ranked as one of the top 10 trusted Canadian immigration companies by CanadianVisa Review based on criteria such as services, support, social media presence, website usability, regulated representatives and online reviews.

Do I Have to Use a Representative?

smiling handsome Asian man talking on phone and working on laptop | real, fake or scum site

No. You are by no means under any obligation to use a paid immigration representative. In fact, the Canadian government has all the information and immigration forms that you may need. Navigating the Canadian immigration system, however, may not be as easy as it may seem. It can not only be a very complicated process because there are over 70 different immigration programs and visas to choose from but time-consuming too. 

Why Should I Pay for Immigration Services When I Can Do It By Myself For Free?

Unpaid vs Paid Representatives

There are two different types of representatives: paid and unpaid. Both are able to give your guidance and advice as well as assist you with the visa application process however only paid representatives are regulated by the ICCRC. By choosing to use an unpaid representative you run the risk of being a victim of fraud and receiving sub-par advice as these representatives are not regulated by the Canadian government.

Applying on Your Own

As mentioned previously, not only are there various different visa options to choose from but if you are deemed inadmissible to enter Canada, choose an immigration program that you don’t qualify for or is not best suited to your specific needs you run the risk of delaying your application or having your visa application rejected. 

If you complete your visa application incorrectly or you are missing the necessary supporting documentation you run the risk of delaying your application.

Will My Visa Be Denied If I Don't Use a Representative?

No. Your visa could be denied if:

  • you are deemed inadmissible to enter Canada;
  • you do not have sufficient funds to support yourself;
  • you do not meet health standards;
  • you have a criminal record.

Will I Be Banned From Applying for a Visa If I Don't Use a Representative to Complete My Application?

No. You can, however, be banned from applying for immigration or applying to return to Canada as a permanent resident for 5 years if you misrepresent yourself or in other words lie on your application. It is, however, important to note that although you may not be banned for not completing your application in a timeous manner or your chosen representative, that the Canadian immigration systems and programs are updated regularly which means that new requirements to qualify may be added at any time. This means that if you choose to put your application on hold, it is important to bear in mind that unless you have submitted your application before the changes have been implemented by the Canadian government, you may run the risk of no longer being eligible for certain immigration programs and having to start the eligibility assessment process from scratch, wasting your precious time and money. 

You will also have to notify the Canadian government that you are no longer using the services of an immigration consultant, which means more forms to fill out and possibly further delays in the application process. 

In short, why should you pay for an immigration service? Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are highly trained professionals who go through rigorous training and are monitored by the Canadian government to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by “scum” or “scam sites. By choosing an accredited immigration consultancy you will have access to their extensive knowledge of the Canadian immigration system as well as guidance and support throughout the entire process so that you don’t have to stress or worry about your visa application. But as we said earlier, the choice is always yours.

For more information on immigration representatives, feel free to visit the Canadian Government website here.

Why Do I Have to Keep Paying for Every Step of the Process?

man using smartphone to pay using QR code | legitimate or scum site

To answer this question let's take a look at how we’ve structured our immigration services. We have chosen to break up the visa application process and payment structure for two reasons:

  • to give our clients the freedom to use our services at their own discretion; 
  • to ensure that they get what they pay for

How Does the Application Process with Work?

Step 1: Complete application form

By simply completing our online application form, you will be referred to a dedicated account manager, who will contact you within 48 hours for your eligibility consultation.

Step 2: Eligibility Consultation

This is where your highly trained account manager will determine whether or not you are eligible to apply for a Canadian visa. To do so they will need to answer some questions about your age, education qualification, work experience, income, and so forth. These questions are based on the requirements for admission to Canada as well as popular immigration systems or programs such as Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs. These questions are asked for two reasons:

  • To find out if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada, and 
  • To help prevent you from wasting your time and money apply for a visa if you are ineligible.

If you are deemed eligible by your account manager, we will create a profile that will be passed on to our RCICs to start your eligibility assessment.

Please note that this consultation is a paid service. 

Step 3: Eligibility Assessment

This is where your RCIC will do a full in-depth assessment to determine:

  • which immigration program or visa you qualify for; 
  • and which province or territory is best suited to your needs.

You will receive:

  • Your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score that will allow you to continue confidently with the visa application process; 
  • A signed eligibility evaluation by your RCIC outlining which program you qualify for; and 
  • A detailed and personalized immigration strategy and timeline of your visa application

Step 4: Visa Application 

Now that you have your CRS score and in-depth eligibility assessment to help you make an informed decision on the immigration program or visa you would like to apply for, our RCICs will:  

  • guide and support you through the entire process, every step of the way, as well as 
  • complete and submit your application to the Canadian government for you.

Please note that only the Canadian government is able to issue a Canadian visa. We do not have any control over this nor does any other immigration agency, website, or representative, whether or not they offer paid or unpaid services. 

Step 5: Visa Feedback

Once we receive feedback from the Canadian government we will provide you with the results of your application.

We hope that this has helped provide you with some tips on how to avoid being taken advantage of by an actual immigration “scum” site as well as give you some answers to some of the concerns about whether or not is a legitimate site or not.

For more information on why you should use an RCIC, feel free to visit our website here.