5 Important Reasons to Secure a Job in Canada Before Moving

Are you someone who is interested in immigrating to a different country? Perhaps Canada? If so, then look no further. The process of immigration can be tough, so here we hope to provide some good advice that will help set you up for your Canadian journey. One thing you can take charge of to make immigration easier, is to secure a job in Canada before you arrive. While you can immigrate to Canada without a job offer, having a job first can be beneficial in many ways.

5 Important Reasons to Secure a Job in Canada Before Moving

1. Boost Your Chances of Getting a Canadian Visa


Having a job lined up is not necessarily essential if you are seeking to immigrate to Canada, but it can increase the chances of your visa application being approved. According to canadianimmigrant.ca, securing a job offer before immigrating can often speed up the process of getting your visa application approved.

Some of Canada’s main programs have proven this. For example, the Express Entry programs fast-track applicants who have already secured a job in Canada. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) also draw a large number of applicants from a pool of people who have already secured a job in their province.

So why not make your application appear more attractive by landing a job first and standing a better chance of getting to Canada faster?

2. Early Bird Catches the Work


Just like with most things in life, if we wait too long to do something, we run the risk of our chance slipping away. There is a vast number of job seekers who are also after the same goal you are. The longer you wait to apply for a job that interests you, the smaller your chances become of finding that job and the more likely you are to have to settle on any job you manage to get.

Immigrants who seek employment before arriving in Canada have a better chance of securing a job, compared to those who seek employment after they have arrived.

So there you have it. Beat the scramble for work by applying from your home country before making the move to Canada.

3. Applying from Home Made Easy


Immigration.ca states that there are more than 800,000 jobs available in Canada since September 2021. There is also a vast number of jobs available that are specifically targeted at foreign workers. What’s more, job search websites such as Indeed.com Canada, among many others, have made the process of narrowing down which job is for you, much simpler.

Don’t wait until you have arrived in Canada to start your job search. There is a demand for it and websites for it. So why not start your job search today?

4. Bring Something to the Table

No one can argue with the idea that it’s never good to show up empty handed. Arrive on your new home turf not only with peace of mind but be able to spur on the health of the economy right away.

Immigrants contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy when they choose to make this their new home. Canada.ca states that immigrants not only help the economy by filling vacancies in certain career fields, but by other factors such as paying taxes and spending money on products and housing.

So do yourself and your new home a favour. Get a head start on the job searching process so that you can see to your needs and know that you are making a good impact on the economy from the very beginning of your new journey.

5. Financial Freedom- Faster


Your new life in Canada should be everything you have dreamed it to be. By securing employment first, you can be sure that you will not exhaust your finances while looking for employment. You will arrive and feel secure, knowing that you have an income and you can start enjoying your new journey.

From being able to provide for your daily needs to spoiling yourself with life’s luxuries like warm winter boots or doing a bit of travelling; be able to grant your own wishes by having a job waiting for you.

By getting the job search out of the way, you also have more time to explore and enjoy your new home. Instead of spending your first few days in this beautiful country stuck behind a computer screen, you could use that much needed time to settle into your new home. knowing you have a job waiting will allow you to sit back and relax without the stress of having to find a job.

Starting a job also allows you to start saving money. So, the earlier you start a job, the earlier you will be able to invest in your future and be able to live a comfortable life.

How to Find a Job in Canada?


Top Tips on How to Prepare for a Canada Job Interview and Perfect Your Resume

So, now you know it is in your best interest to secure a job in Canada before moving, but how do you go about getting a job in Canada? Job Bank is the perfect place to start. The Canadian Job Bank is a user-friendly website that makes the job search easier.

It allows you to search for a job of your choice by selecting a certain province and city in Canada. It will then show you how many jobs that fit your search description are in that location. Job Bank also has a host of other features: you are able to search for typical wages of a certain job and you are also able to search for job prospects. This will tell you whether the job or career you want to pursue is in demand, as well as the expected stability of that career path.

Job Bank takes the stress out of the job searching process by presenting comprehensive results tailored to your search. It also gives you a sense of stability because it allows you to see how well a certain career path is prospering in Canada.

Job Bank turns the job hunt into a walk in the park, and we make it even easier. One of our services on offer at CanadianVisa.org is that we set up a Job Bank profile on your behalf. So all you have to do is signup with CanadianVisa.org and we’ll take care of the specifics.

Although you cannot predict exactly what to expect in different interviews, you can prepare for some commonly asked interview questions like, “tell us about yourself”.

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Another way to stand out from the crowd is to have an impressive resume. Yes, you guessed it, we have you covered for this too. On our website, you can find clear guidelines on how to best prepare your resume to catch an employer’s eye. Follow our 10 steps when preparing your resume and have a go at the interview questions to make sure you are ready for this first step toward your dream job.

Taking this big step should be a memorable experience. Make sure you create only the best experiences for yourself by securing a job in Canada before you arrive. You will not arrive on Canadian soil with worries and concerns, but with hope and a feeling of purpose. Start your new life on a good footing.

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