How to Get a Canadian Work Visa from the UK

Canada has become a popular destination for foreign nationals to advance their careers. The country is brimming with prospects for workers at every skill level, primarily due to an ongoing labor shortage. This is a result of a growing retiring population and a shrinking birth rate. So if you're looking for an escape from the cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom (UK), you may find that your greener pastures lie in the land of maple leaves. Let's take a look at how you can get a Canadian work visa from the UK.

Do You Need a Canadian Work Visa to Work in Canada?

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Now that you're pumped with enthusiasm to work in Canada, you should note that to be legally employed in this North American wonderland, you'll have to obtain a Canadian Work Visa.

There are two types of Canadian Work Permits:

  • The Open Work Permit
    • This work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada, but is only available for specific programs.
  • The Employer-specific Work Permit
    • This allows you to work in line with specifications laid out in your work permit, including the length of your work permit, the employer you work for, and your employment location. To apply for this Canadian work permit, your employer must obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This is a document that assesses the impact of employing a non-Canadian.

Canadian Work Permit Eligibility Requirements

You will have to meet several requirements to be eligible for a Canadian Work Permit. You must:

  • Prove to an official that you will exit the country as soon as the work permit reaches its expiration date
  • Demonstrate that you are financially able to support yourself and any dependents who may join you when you live and work in Canada
  • Be a law-abiding citizen with a clear criminal record
  • Be be able to prove that you are healthy and undergo a medical examination if requested
  • Avoid employers deemed "ineligible" by the Canadian government due to non-compliance
  • Not seek employment from an employer who offers adult services
  • Be able to provide immigration officials with all necessary documentation upon request

Additional Requirements to Work in Canada

If you are interested in working in Canada but have yet to land a job in one of the 13 provinces or territories, it's a good idea to start applying. Since you can manage your entire Canadian work permit application from the comfort of your home in the UK, you can land a job in Canada quickly. Getting a job in Canada before you apply for a work visa could boost your chances of success.

If you still need to secure a job - don't worry! You can still apply for a Canadian work permit. With the necessary skills and education, the possibility of speaking either English or French fluently, or even both, can count in your favor. If you have any previous work experience in Canada, your application will be solid, and you could be considered for permanent residency.

If you apply for a skilled position, you must be able to show that you are qualified to fill it. Since there are countless companies in Canada looking for skilled workers, it's easier to get a job in the country, especially if you meet all the criteria the company is looking for.

The Temporary Foreign Work Program (TFWP) requires you to provide proof of education for skilled positions. If a company requests it, you will also require an Education Credential Assessment (ECA), showing that your qualifications meet Canadian standards. An ECA can be retrieved from a designated organization, such as the following:

Additional documents and information may also be required, depending on the work visa you are applying for.

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How to Apply for a Canadian Work Visa From the UK

Apply for a Canadian Work Visa | How to Get a Canadian Work Visa from the UK

With Canada planning on inviting around 365,000 newcomers in 2023 alone, it's the best time to proceed with your application for a Canadian work permit. Follow the steps below to apply from the UK.

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility to Move to Canada

Start by making sure you tick all the eligibility boxes mentioned above before you go through all the trouble of applying for a Canadian work visa. This will save you time and avoid disappointment should you be rejected.

Step 2: Choose a Canadian Work Permit That Works For You

The work permit you choose to apply for will mainly depend on the type of employment you seek. Although there are over 100 immigration programs to choose from, there are only two work visas - the open work permit and the employer-specific work permit - which makes choosing the right work permit much easier.

Step 3: Submit a Work Permit Application

The easiest way to apply for a Canadian work permit is online. With this, you won't have to pay courier fees and can reduce your application time. This will also prevent delays, particularly if any supporting documents are requested. By submitting all the required documents with your application online, you can rest assured that your application will be complete.

The Benefits of Taking Your Skills From the UK to Canada

Take your skills to Canada | How to Get a Canadian Work Visa from the UK

The effects of the UK's departure from the European Union have significantly impacted the country's economy and businesses. Living in a post-Brexit era in the UK, you may be forced to deal with excessive price hikes that continue to leave many financially unstable. The good news? A career shift to Canada will have you saying goodbye to all the instability brought on by this major catastrophe and hello to a life of abundance in the second-largest country in the world. Here are just some of the benefits that justify why you should work in Canada:

  • You won't lose the comforts of living in a first-world country
  • Canada has a stable, liberal government
  • The country has a healthy economy
  • Canadians are a warm bunch who welcome foreigners
  • You'll have access to close to one million jobs
  • You'll be able to choose between living. Working in a vibrant city setting or a more rural environment in one of Canada's Prairie provinces
  • You’ll earn a better salary
  • You'll find that the cost of living in Canada is low
  • You'll have a better quality of life
  • You'll have access to several pathways to Canadian permanent residency

Make Your Professional Move From the UK to Canada Today

The decision to leave the UK to live and work in Canada is big. But with the change comes many benefits that will make your life more comfortable and take your career to the next level. What's more? You'll gain the experience to make it easier to gain Canadian permanent residency via one of the many immigration pathways available.

Need help with your Canadian work permit application? Then make sure you connect with one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) to give yourself the best chance of application success.


How Much Does a Canadian Work Permit Cost?

Fees for Canadian Work Permits start at $155.

How Long Will it Take For My Canadian Work Visa to be Processed?

You will have to visit the IRCC site to check the processing time for your country.